Top 10 Richest Football Club in the World right now

Posted on March 13, 2019, 10:14 am
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Deloitte has once more time released Football Money League chart.The giant  revenues of Europe’s topping clubs.According to this chart Manchester United became the richest football club in the world right now.

Their net revenue of £689 million. The best by a football club during a season in the Money League’s history.which was enough to break down Real Madrid’s(£620.2 million ).Barcelona rank third  with revenue(£620.1 million).

top five the richest football club in the world righ now

List of the top richest football club in the world right now (revenue,Match-day,Broadcasting,commercial)




10.Juventus :  Revenue £341.1 millions


Juventus home sports stadium is in Turin,Piedmont(Italy). The club is one in every of the foremost celebrated across the globe.The main source of their revenue to continuing support handle car.5 million shirt sales last season.

9.Liverpool :Revenue £403.8 millions


Liverpool comes in at 9 out  of Top 10  richest football club in the world right now.The club is form England.The club has carried home 5 Europeon cups over the years and 3 UEFA cups also.Their revenues square measure set to extend next year.

8.Chelsea : Revenue £447.4 millions


Chelsea fc conjointly Play in English premier league.Chelsea’s owner,Roman Abramovich(Russia) .During the last 10 years the club has enjoyed an incredible quantity of success.

7.Arsenal : Revenue £468.5 millions


Arsenal is team of highbury in london.The team has been ready to sucure twelve FA cup championships over the years.According to forbes the club is among the highest 2 English clubs in England.

6.Paris Saint Germain(PSG): Revenue £520.9 millions

Paris Saint Germain Team 2017

This is 1st time PSG have fall back the money league top 5. since they were splendidly bought up by Qatar sports investments.Superstar striker Zlatan ibrahimovic was sold-out to Manchester united last year.

5.Manchester city: Revenue £524.9 millions

Manchester City Team 2017

Man city  was originally called Andwick Football team. However they modifie their name to the new common name Manchester City. They has won 4 FA community shield trophy,5 FA trophy and 4 Football league trophy. The abudhabi cluster is owner of this team.Man City had their best ever champions league run last season. Once they lost dead set ultimate winners,real Madrid,in the semi-final.

4.FC Bayern Munich : £Revenue 592 millions

Bayern Munich Team 2017

Bayern Munich  have won the Europeon cup ,the UEFA Champion’s trophy among alternative several awards over the years. Bayern charted a monumental 25 present increase in financial gain over the last season.

3.FC Barcelona  : Revenue £620.1 millions

Barcelona Team 2017

The Spanish team is that the pride of their nation. They have most wanted football personalities like Lionel messi. The club boasts of winning 24 la liga trophy, 26 Copa Del Rey trophy moreover and lots of alternative additional. The club  owner is their shareholders.

2.Real Madrid   : Revenue £620.2 millions

Real Madrid Team 2017

FC Read Madrid is owned by quite eighty five thousand members and it’s not an organization. The team has billions of followers. which help them to create partner for advertisements and endorsements.

1.Mancheste United   : Revenue £689 millions (richest football club)

Manchester United Team 2017

The team is form in old Trafford,England.Manchester United have never been far from the top 3. This is the 1st time they’ve hit top spot. The club benefited financially from huge sponsorship deals. This is probably one of the most popular and celebrated football team within the world.

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