Real Madrid won UEFA Champions League trophy 2018

Posted on May 27, 2018, 3:38 am
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Finally, the prediction has come true. The Reds failed to control the Spanish giant and as a result, Real Madrid won UEFA Champions League trophy consecutive three times. Now, they are a legendary team as we speak. The team Real Madrid got their 13th Champions League title and this time Gareth Bale is the hero.

Through his two goals, Real Madrid beat Liverpool by 3 – 1 goals at Kiev in Ukraine yesterday. The coach of the team Zidane had faith on his apprentices and he is not be disappointed by them.

Real Madrid won UEFA Champions League trophy 2018

In last Saturday at Kiev, the apprentices of Zidane destroyed Liverpool by 3 – 1 goals. Through the score of Karim Benzema, the Spanish team went ahead. But the team Liverpool returned to the game with the score of Sadio Mane. But the replacing player Gareth Bale led his team to the title.

In the latest version of Champions League as the first team, Real Madrid won the UCL title consecutive three times. Considering all statistics after Bayern Munich as the first team, the Spanish team made the history. Along with them, as the first coach, Zidane is also doing the record.

In last season, Real Madrid beat Juventus in final and before that, they beat Atletico Madrid is final. Now, Liverpool faced defeat against the most successful club Real Madrid.  A day ago in Press conference, The coach Klopp is very experienced but even he does not find any weakness of Real Madrid 

At the beginning of the match at Kiev, Real Madrid was shaking by the attack of the Reds. They failed to play balancing football and Premier League club took the chance. They made several attack and attack. But the wave was handled carefully by the Spanish team.

Before first half, two players from two teams left the ground with the injury. Mohamed Salah left the ground for the Reds. Ramos tackled him hardly and he got injured. He got the first aid but failed to play continuously. In the 30th minutes of the game, he left the ground.

Salah injured in Champions League Final 2018

When Salah was in the ground, Liverpool was so strong but without him, they were dim. In running season in all competition Salah scored highest 44 goals and by losing him in a great fight was so disappointing. So, Real Madrid took control of the match and rest of the time, they played dominantly.

In 36th minutes of the game, Spanish defender Daniel Carvajal left the ground with an injury. However, in the first half, no team did score any goal. At the beginning of the 2nd half, Liverpool was under pressure and the pressure was created by Real.


In 51st minutes of the game, Real went ahead through the fault of German stopper. In 55th minutes of the game, Sadio Mane scored a goal and Liverpool returned to the game.

In 61st minutes of the game, Bale made a bicycle kick and led his team ahead once again. However, in 83rd minutes of the game, Bale got the 2nd goal and secured the match. To the race of Champions League title, Real faced defeat in final last time in 1981 against Liverpool.

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