Real Madrid still in race of La Liga title as Barcelona stumble

Posted on March 13, 2018, 1:23 pm
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Real Madrid is the current champion of La Liga and Champions League but it seems that they are going to miss La Liga title this season. They are now in the 3rd position on the point table of La Liga and still 15 points behind than the top tier Barcelona. But still ten matches of La Liga are still in hand for both Barcelona and Real Madrid and so, Real Madrid still in race of La Liga title.

It would not certain that Real would miss the title. But the point difference with Barcelona is too many which would seem impossible to recover for Real in La Liga. But Barca coach thinks that Real could turn back which makes them a potential team in the season still now. He stated that Real Madrid still in race of La Liga title this season.

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On the other hand, Atletico Madrid is in 2nd position and the point difference between them and Barcelona is 11 though, they played 27th match where Barca player 28th matches in the season.

Barcelona won the last La Liga match against Malaga at the away ground by 2 – 0 goals and through it they have moved one step closer to reclaim the title in last Saturday.

In the ongoing season of La Liga Barcelona still undefeated and played total 28th matches. So, they achieved 72 points and holding the top position on the point table. With 15 points less Real Madrid is in 3rd position. Besides, with 61 points the second position is grabbed by Atletico Madrid. Though, they played twenty seven matches in the season.

However, Real Madrid is in good form in the current time. In last league competition against Eibar, through the pair of goals of Cristiano Ronaldo, they won the match by 2 – 1 goals which was their away match. In the league, Real Madrid has 10 matches in hand. By playing suchh number of match, to recover the points difference with Barcelona is almost impossible. But still Barca coach Ernesto Valverde does not want to accept that.

He stated that there is still race for La Liga title. Because it is still possible considering the calculation. So, they have to consider the options as well. Real Madrid has still chance and they will try to play well for the title he believes.

Against the competition with Malaga, Lionel Messi did not play. He has become father of the 3rd child recently. But his absence was not much located at the ground. Barcelona played well where Suarez and Coutinho scored one goal each and so, they easily beat Malaga.

Now, Barcelona is thinking about their upcoming Champions League match which will be against Chelsea at the Camp Nou. It will be the 2nd leg which will be executed in next Wednesday. At the first leg, Barca made draw with them by 1 -1 goal. But at the Camp Nou the match will be hard to win.