Neymar Jr Net Worth 2019 And Salary Winnings

Posted on January 24, 2019, 3:59 pm
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How Much Neymar net worth 2019? What is Neymar’s Net Worth? Neymar Salary Details like – Per Second, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year. Annual Neymar Wages, Endorsement, Neymar Teams, Neymar Biography info: Full Name, Neymar Age, Date of Birth, Nationality, Height, Weight, Skills, house and cars

If we consider his current earning, Neymar Jr used to get almost €36.8 million in every year from Parc Des Princes. So, in a week he is receiving €700,000 from the French club. However, this Brazilian star arrived Camp Nou by making a deal of getting €300,000 in a week. But now at PSG, he has got more than double.

Neymar Net Worth Salary & Biography 2018

How Much Neymar net worth 2019?

€36.8 million 

Neymar Biography

Neymar Jr is the Brazilian superstar and is regarded as one of the top three forward in the current World. He yet to win any Ballon d’Or but already placed among top third for two seasons. He started his career with Brazilian club Santos and later, Barcelona took him.

But in last season, he moved to the French club Paris Saint Germain by making a record transfer history. In exchange for €222 million, he joined PSG which makes him the most expensive players as well as the most expensive transfer ever.

When it comes to his net worth, obviously Neymar is one of the top earners in Europe. He yet to cross his halfway in his career but already placed among the top paid and most expensive players in the World.

People Also Ask

Neymar full name

Full NameNeymar da Silva Santos Junior

Neymar Age

26 Years Old

Neymar Date of Birth

Birthday – 5th Feb 1992

Neymar Nationality

By Birth – Brazilian

Neymar Profession

Profession – Football

Neymar Height

Height – 5’9”

Neymar Weight

Weight – 68 Kg

Neymar Jr

Known As – Neymar Jr.

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Neymar Salary

As stated by the above statistics, it seems that Neymar is currently earning €1.16 in every second and €70 in every minute. Besides, since 2008 Neymar Jr has come to the spotlight though he was not much counted back then.

Neymar Earning Per Second

Per Second – €1.16

Neymar Jr Earnings Per Minute

Per Minute – €70

Neymar Salary Per Hour

Per Hour – €4,200

Neymar Salary Per Day

Per Day – €100,821

Neymar Salary Per Week

Per Week – €707,692

Neymar Salary Per Month

Per Month – €3.07 million

Neymar Salary Per Year

Per Year – €36.8 million

Today we present his net worth breakdown since 2008. Though earlier it was not so much now, it is great. Let’s see his net worth breakdown below.

Neymar Net Worth

Year Net Worth
2008 $50,875,48
2009 $58,986,59
2010 $63,867,60
2011 $67,467,89
2012 $77,134,38
2013 $83,879,48
2014 $97,887,89
2015 $110,765,98
2016 $134,876,07
2017 $150,053,90
2018 36.8 million EUR

Neymar Wages

SL No. Year Club Annual Salary
1. 2009 Santos $1,700,000
2. 2010 Santos $4,000,000
3. 2011 Santos $4,000,000
4. 2012 Santos $4,000,000
5. 2013 Barcelona $20,350,000
6. 2014 Barcelona $11,000,000
7. 2015 Barcelona $11,000,000
8. 2016 Barcelona $11,000,000
9. 2017 PSG 35.8 million EUR
10. 2019 PSG 36.8 million EUR

Neymar Endorsement

 Besides, excluding his current salary, Neymar used to earn very handsome amount from different endorsement deals. He has a deal with Nike where he used to earn more than $9.5 million in a year.

Besides, he has contracts with Volkswagen and Panasonic for the number of years. Along with them, he has plenty of more agreement with different types of companies like Red Bull, Taco Bell, PayPal and so on.

Neymar Skills

Neymar’s dribbling skills, tricks and playmaking ability are reminiscent of compatriot Ronaldinho. His main traits are his creativity, vision, passing, finishing, dribbling, feints and technique, being described as both “electric” and “explosive”.

Neymar house and cars

 If we consider the properties of the Brazilian superstar we must know that this Brazilian sensation has three different and most luxurious houses in Brazil.

One of the house is Triplex which is worth almost $750,000. Besides, he is also a car lover like CR7 and in his garage, he has kept plenty of cars like Audi, Porsche and Panamera

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