Lionel Messi, a legendary footballer missed twice times due to the goal bar which stopped his shots. But in the end, he achieved the goals. He has scored a pair of goals and also assisted. Against Tottenham Hotspur at their home venue Wembley Stadium in London, the guest team Barcelona git victory and through the winning, in the Champions League, Barcelona got two consecutive victories. It seems that Messi’s stunning Show gives Catalan Win Over Tottenham in UCL and it is not wrong at all.

Messi's stunning Show gives Catalan Win Over Tottenham in UCLAt the Wembley Stadium in the match of group B, the Catalan club won by 4 – 2 goals. Philippe Coutinho scored the first goal and Croat playmaker Ivan Rakitic increased the goal difference. Due to the fault of the goalkeeper, in 92 seconds of the game, the Spurs digested the first goal.

Messi made a long pass and from the left side, Alba passed the ball to Coutinho. Into the blank space from the 20 yards with a strong and speedy shot, the Brazilian midfielder scored an easy goal. After that few times, both teams played irregular football. In 28th minutes of the game with an amazing volley, Rakitic increased the goal difference double.

Messi made his present this time as well. He passed the ball which went to Suarez and the Uruguayan forward passed it to Coutinho. And number 7 passed it to Rakitic.

The Croat midfielder made a strong volley and found the net. In the first half, the Spurs got their first real opportunity in 33rd minutes. The shot of Son Heung-Min was about to go to the post but the German stopper saved it. So, the first half ended with 2 – 0 goals.

At the first five minutes in the 2nd half, Lionel Messi missed twice, unfortunately. In 47th minutes, his shot from the box was stopped by post and just three minutes later, once again post was the obstacle.

In 52nd minutes of the game, Kane reduced the goal difference for the Spurs. However, in 56th minutes of the game, the stopper of the post no one could stop Messi. He passed the ball to Alba and went to the box. With the return ball, he found the net.

In 66th minutes of the game, the Spurs player Lamela reduced the goal difference once again and returned to the game. The Argentine midfielder found the net this time. At the last minutes of the game, the goal difference was increased once again and the Argentine star Messi finished the calculations.

In the season of UCL, it was the 5th goal of Lionel Messi. By playing two matches in UCL Barca won both times and holding the top position with 6 points.

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