Messi would not play any European club excluding Barca

Posted on May 29, 2018, 8:01 am
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Lionel Messi is regarded as the Argentine top star player as well as often examined as the greatest football of all time. He has won everything with his club Barcelona but for his national team, he won none. He is going to play his last World Cup in Russia with team Argentina and after that, he would not get any more chance. But in his club Barcelona, Messi is very happy. He has no plan to leave Barcelona right now. So, in a news portal, he made interview that Messi would not play any European club excluding Barca. Though, he used to get the offer from different renowned club to play.

Messi would not play any European club excluding Barca

In his senior professional club football career, the one of the most talkative star Messi has spent with club Barcelona. He won plenty of titles with the club. Scored 552 goals for the club which is a record.

But there is still rumor that he has contact with Manchester City because his former boss Pep Guardiola is currently there. But Messi stated that He has no intention to move to another European club but if he would get chance then he will move to his childhood club Newell’s Old Boys.

Lionel Messi started his football career with the club earlier. So, he has a weakness for the club. He used to say that He wants to play football in Argentina. But he still does not know what would that be possible for him.

But, it has in his memory. But if it would be alright, then his next destination will be Newell’s Old Boys and nowhere else. He wants to play there at least for six months. But the future is not in his hand he believes.

He has determined that in Europe, Barcelona is the only club where he is playing and there will be no more clubs here where he is going to play. When he was 13 years, he moved to the Barcelona and in last November he made a new deal with Barcelona. He will stay at Camp Nou till 2021 considering the new agreement. He has the big buyout clause in the club.

He has finished the season for the club Barcelona and now he is with his national team and taking preparation for upcoming Russia World Cup 2018. FIFA Under 20 World Cup title and in Olympics, he achieved gold medal but excluding them, he yet to win any big title for his team Argentina.

He led his team Argentina to final consecutive three times but failed to win the title. In 2014 World Cup, they faced defeat against Germany in additional minutes. In 2015 and 2016 Copa America, they faced defeat consecutive two times against Chile at final. Earlier in 2007, they played Copa America final but lost.

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