Messi does not want the World Cup in exchange for everything he won at Barca

Posted on October 26, 2019, 2:03 pm
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Lionel Messi is wearing the Argentine national jersey but still, he has frustrated because wearing the national shirt, Messi could not win any international title. Wearing his club Barcelona’s shirt, he has won almost everything but with his national team, the Argentine forward has returned with empty hand all the time. Messi led team Argentina to the 2014 FIFA World Cup final but against Germany, they could not find the victory in the final and so, touching the World Cup title remains a dream till now. To win a World Cup, the dream of every footballer. So, now the question is, Will Messi gives his all club achievements in exchange for the World Cup or not? The answer is no. Messi does not want the World Cup in exchange for everything he won at Barca.

Messi does not want the World Cup in exchange for everything he won at Barca Messi has no intension of touching the world cup trophy in exchange for his career’s achievement. To an Argentine news portal TYC Sports, LM10 has given an interview where he revealed his wish. He also added that who does not want to win a World Cup! But, he is not ready or does not want to exchange everything he won for the club for the trophy. God has given him those successes and he faced so much difficulty on his way. It is much more than the dream. So, he has no intention of losing anything in exchange for the FIFA World Cup. Obviously the Argentine star wants to win the World Cup but still, the other trophies are important to him.

Wearing his national team’s jersey, Messi won Under-20 World Cup along with the Olympics Gold medal in 2008. Excluding them, the Barcelona captain led his national team to the four big tournaments final but could not find the trophy. Yes, he played three Copa America finals and a World Cup final. However, the 32nd years old Messi won a total of 34 titles wearing Barcelona’s shirt and made the record.

When the Barca forward is failing for the national team consecutively, people used to say that Messi only plays for his club and he is best there. In a certain time, Messi could not take it and after 2016 Copa America final, he announced his international retirement. But could not stay out for long. Before the World Cup qualifier, he returned to the team. In Last Copa America, Messi’s Argentina faced the defeat against the local team Brazil in the semi-final.

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