Messi disappointed but desperate to turn around

Posted on June 26, 2018, 9:10 am
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Just couple of days ago, Lionel Messi turned to 31 years old  and already he has achieved all possible individual awards in his career. But he has one most important lackings in his career which is he yet to touch the FIFA World Cup trophy. In the ongoing season of World Cup 2018 which is executed at Russia, the performance of Argentine is very much poor and Messi seems so dim in the matches. They are placed into group D and already played two matches.

Messi disappointed but desperate to turn around

But failed to see any victory but against Croatia, they faced defeat by 3 – 0 goals. Most Argentine supporters fears that Argentina is going to rule out from the group stage and would not qualify for the knockout round. In the circumstances, Messi disappointed but desperate to turn around in their upcoming and last group stage match against Nigeria.

However, earlier the match against Nigeria which is most important and also called as the do or die match, the relation between players and coach are fine expected the 34 years old midfielder Javier Mascherano. In group D, Argentina started the competition with Iceland where the match ended with 1 – 1 draw.

In the 2nd match against Croatia, they were destroyed by 3 – 0 goals. By playing two matches they have gathered just one point and now, standing on the last position on the group point table. Now, they fear that after 2002 World Cup, they are going to say goodbye to the tournament from group level.

In upcoming Tuesday they will play against Nigeria and if they would manage a victory, they would probably move to the next round but still they have to wait for the result of the another match of the group.

The most top star of the team 31 years old Lionel Messi yet to score or assist any goal in the tournament. In the first match, he failed to score goals from the penalty and since then the Argentine striker is very disappointed. But his teammate Javier Mascherano thinks that penalty miss for Messi is human thing.

He stated earlier that Lionel Messi is good right now but the team facts are not going as well as they demanded. All of them has disappointment. He stated that Lionel Messi is a man and he also has his own frustration. But he is desperate to change the situation.

Lionel Messi wants to show their another picture to the World where they failed in the first two matches. In upcoming Tuesday, Argentina will play against Nigeria. At the same time, Iceland will play their 3rd as well as last match against Croatia.

However, team Argentina is in tight equation currently. They have to win against Nigeria in their last match and also they are playing that Croatia will defeat Iceland. If Iceland would win against Croatia, then they will face another problem.

Then goals will be counted. So, Argentine team hopes that Croatia will be grounded their best eleven against Iceland but Croatia coach does not thinks so. They are thinking about their own facts. They have pretty much players which have seen yellow card and so, coach would not ground them against Iceland where they have already secured their position in knockout round.

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