Marcos Alonso will come back Chelsea to Madrid

Posted on August 22, 2018, 9:27 am
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I remember when I was surprised when Marcos Alonso went to Chelsea. I wondered what the club was in, bringing a guy who did not stand out in Fiorentina. So what was he to impress in London? Theoretically nothing, but as often happens in football, theory is worth as much as Zlatan Ibrahimović’s loyalty. Alonso came to the Stamford bridge and closed his mouth to all those who denied his skills. The Spaniard brilliantly blended in with the band and became a textbook example of the left swinging. It’s hard to think about a player who would be better at this position than Alonso at the moment. Marcos, however, is not appreciated by everyone. Lopetegui did not find a place for him in the squad for the World Cup. However, there are people in Spain. Marcos Alonso will come back Chelsea to Madrid

Marcos Alonso will come back Chelsea to MadridDiego Simeone is such a man. According to AS, the Argentinian would be happy to have Alonso in the ranks of his team. Filipe Luis is going to force his transfer to PSG and Rojiblancos will then need some left back. Of course, the composition is the World Champion, Lucas Hernandez, but this often also plays in the middle and someone is strictly in this position. Of course, Alonso is a shuttle and he plays a little higher in Chelsea, but gently moving it back wards would not stop him.

It may be problematic to bring him back. The English transfer window has already closed, and that means Maurizio Sarri would not have time to bring in a suitable successor. Considering how important Alonso is to The Blues, the manager would absolutely not let him leave without proper security. It’s hard to call Emerson Palimieri, who has not impressed anything since coming from Roma.

In summary, although this transfer would be a capital transaction for Atletico Madrid, I would not be afraid of him. The Londoners already have a squad that works and scores points, so they will not get rid of one of its more important cogs. At Rojiblancos, I would simply do everything to stop Filipe Luisa, because bringing Alonso in the form of his successor is rather unfeasible.

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