Manchester City interested in the star of Valencia

Posted on May 10, 2018, 4:08 pm
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Although there was still one more queue to the end of this Premier League season, Manchester City has already broken the record of points scored. Citizens have their account ninety-seven and have a snore on a round-the-table. What’s more, it’s not the only record they’ve established. Let’s find out why Manchester City interested in the star of Valencia?

They are also the team that scored the most goals in individual matches. Citizens literally dominated the game, giving no chance to other teams. It would seem that the composition of such a team is complete.

Manchester City interested in the star of Valencia

In the end, nobody in history dominated the league, not even the invincible Arsenal. Such thinking is the shortest way to the blame which Jose Mourinho learned just after his masterful season. You have to constantly add someone to the squad to surprise opponents. Guardiola knows it well and despite the enormous firepower.

According to Marc, the Spaniard became interested in his compatriot, currently appearing in Valencia Rodrigo. We know that Guardiola likes to spend money whenever he has it. It will not be any different this time.

The transfer clause of this player amounts to EUR 120 million. This would be equal to the record transfer for Citizens. Marc claims that Valencia is aware of how cosmic this amount is and will be willing to sell his player for at least half of this amount. It would be two times the sum that Benfica had to pay for him, so it’s a first-class business.

No wonder Rodrigo attracts people. Valencia this season is playing very well, it takes a place to promote the promotion to the Champions League. The Spaniard, who scored sixteen goals this season for whom he added seven assists and made a huge contribution to achieving this result.

However, one should consider whether Rodrigo will not be wasted there. We can answer that no but only if the team leaves Aguero. In the past, much was said about the conflicts between Argentine and Guardiola.

Sergio was then going to want to leave Etihad but the gentlemen eventually agreed. There is no doubt that Kun is not a player who will stay above City and use a good offer if someone decides to propose it to him.

Then Rodrigo could easily jump in his place and rotate with Gabriel Jesus or even play with him. Otherwise, we can experience a waste of great disposition, which the Spanish had to wait for so many years.

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