Liverpool coach cannot find Real Madrid Weakness

Posted on May 24, 2018, 1:11 pm
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The current Liverpool coach is Jurgen Klopp and under his guidance, his team is doing great in the season. Though the Reds failed to take the Premier League title his team has finished the season by standing among top four and secured their position in upcoming Champions League tournament. But the current UCL season is yet to finish. The final match will be executed between the team of Jurgen Klopp and Spanish giant Real Madrid. The coach Klopp is very experienced but even he does not find any weakness of Real Madrid. So, in the different types of news portal revealed that Liverpool coach cannot find Real Madrid weakness and it seems that it is completely true.

Liverpool coach cannot find Real Madrid weakness


The coach of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp thinks that there is no such weakness of Real Madrid which can be used against them by the Reds. After Bayern Munich and Ajax, as the 3rd team, Real Madrid have a chance to win Champions League consecutive three times.

And after 2007 Liverpool came to the final of Champions League as well. At the Kiev in Ukraine in upcoming Saturday the final of Champions League will take place and the two teams will face against each other.

In the ongoing season, the apprentices of Jurgen Klopp has scored highest 40 goals so far. Along with Barcelona, they jointly holding the record of not digesting goals in six matches. But Real Madrid is regarded as the favorite in upcoming final by many.

Recently Klopp stated to a British news portal that Real won Champions League consecutive two times and once again they have come to the final. To Bayern Munich, they thought as the favorite against Real in the last semi-final of UCL in both legs.

But finally, the calculation was changed. Real needs four opportunities to score two goals and Bayern Munich needs eight opportunities to score one goal. Real Madrid is completely an experienced team and there is no weakness of them.

Football is not an easy as everybody thinks, Klopp added. If Marcelo will move to attack and Mohamed Salah will get the ball in a blank spot, he will definitely face Romas no doubt. Klopp thought that to beat Real Madrid in final they have to expose their desperate attitude.

He still believes that Liverpool has the chance and they know that very well even Real Madrid also knows that as well. Every team used to say that against Juventus, Real was lucky and against Bayern Munich, they were lucky as well.

But they have reached the final of Champions League consecutive three times and out of five years, they are here for the four times. It is not luck. They are experienced and so, they are prepared for a hard time. But at the end, Liverpool will have to use them every chance against Real Madrid.

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