Lionel Messi is Unstoppable, Says Marc Andre ter Stegen

Posted on February 08, 2018, 5:13 am
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Marc Andre ter Stegen is a German football and he is playing as a goalkeeper with national team. Though, he is not the main goalkeeper of the German team but for his club Barcelona, he is the top. Lionel Messi is Unstoppable, Says Marc Andre ter Stegen in recent time.He is playing for Spanish giant Barcelona for three and half year and so, since the time, he is the good companion of Argentine legend Lionel Messi in the club.

Lionel Messi The Unstoppable Says Marc Andre ter Stegen 2018 Sportseon

Recently he has revealed some secret about this Argentine legend. Everyday in practice session he used to face this great forward of the team but he stated that he yet to know Lionel Messi completely. Messi fooled him regularly. To him, Lionel Messi is a great player and in another word Lionel Messi is unstoppable.

This German goalkeeper stated that Lionel Messi is very intelligent footballer and he knows where to keep the ball. Stegen thought that it does not matter goalkeepers stand where but Leo made shot obviously on the other side. He also thought that there are many players who used to take shot generally but Messi does not do that. He used to find a way. Sometimes he made weak shots which can be thought to stop easily but it does not.

Like before in the ongoing season, Lionel Messi is in great form. According to betting sites in all competition, he has played total 33 matches in the season and scored 27 goals so far. With this club in everyday he has the chance to see the magic of great Lionel Messi. But still now this German top stopper can not make him prepare completely against Messi, Stegen thought. Now the 25 years old German goalkeeper has understood that why the opponent teams stopper failed to stop him.

Lionel Messi is Unstoppable Says Marc Andre ter Stegen

In the season of Spanish La Liga, Barcelona is in great form and no doubt Messi is the beat weapon they have. In La Liga, they are 11 points ahead that their nearest opponent. Besides, they won the first leg of Copa del Rey semi final. Now, in the super sixteen competition of Champions League, they will face English club Chelsea soon.

Considering all the options, they have chance to win treble in the season. Earlier in 205 with the team Barcelona, Stegen won all three titles in the season. He still believes that they will taste it once again. In Sunday night, Barcelona will face Espanyol which will be in the competition of La Liga and it will be the away match of Barca.