Lionel Messi did it after six years in Champions League

Posted on April 18, 2019, 7:05 am
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Many of you have surprised to see the title. But it is completely true. Messi did it after six years but the question is what is it actually. We are talking about goals. After six years, Lionel Messi scored goals in the Champions League quarter-final. Do not be angry where you can tell that Messi is scoring goals continuously. And so, you have the right to be angry. He is saving Barcelona in almost every match. So, where is his goal drought?

Lionel Messi did it after six years in Champions LeagueMessi is scoring goals in almost every matches but the last six years, something troubled him. He scored the last goal in the Champions League quarter-final in the 2012/13 season against Paris Saint Germain and from the last six years, the football world did not Messi’s goal in the quarter-final. Just a year later, they were ruled out from the quarter-final against Atletico Madrid. In the season of 2014/15, Barcelona won the UCL title but in the quarter-final, Neymar saved Barcelona.

In the next year, once again, they were stumbled against Atletico Madrid. Messi could not score a goal there either. The goal drought remained in the next season quarter-final against Juventus. Even in the last season of the Champions League against Roma, it remained the same. So, Barcelona suffered as well. In the last three seasons of the Champions League, Barcelona could not cross quarter-final.

This time, against Manchester United, Lionel Messi scored two goals and cleared his goal drought. So, Barcelona passed the quarter-final obstacle as well. Against the English league clubs, Messi has scored many goals where the strikers like Kane and some others could not find till now. However, Lionel Messi does not play in the Premier League. Lionel Messi has scored a total of 24 goals against the Premier League club. English striker Harry Kane has scored 22 goals against the EPL clubs as well.

If we consider the top-rated Premier League clubs, Messi yet to score goals against Liverpool. And now, he would be going to score against them in the season of UCL. In the last night, Liverpool beat Porto and moved to the semi-final of the Champions League. Now, they will face Barcelona in the semi-final. So, it will be a chance of the great Argentine striker to get the goal against the Reds so far.

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