How is Argentina team in Copa America?

Posted on May 24, 2019, 9:55 am
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The new season of Copa America is knocking. So, all the participating team has revealed their selected team squad for the tournament. The South American superpower team Argentine is not behind as well. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has released the team squad that consists of 23 players. Now, the question is would Messi win on the ground with the team or not? Now, the key players of the attacking division of team Argentina are Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero. Argentina fans are looking forward to them.

How is Argentina team in Copa AmericaOne and a half decade have passed already. The player who is considered as the perfect successor of Diego Maradona named Lionel Messi has come to an end of his career. But he could not win any international title for Argentina yet. Along with the great forward Lionel Messi, Argentina played four World Cups and four Copa America tournaments but finally returned with the empty hand. Though Messi led Argentina to the three Copa America and a World Cup final but every time they observed the opponent’s celebration in the final stage.

Messi’s dream has broken one after another and they could be their best memories but became the worst memories so far. Now, he has turned to the 31st. If we consider the next season of Copa America, he will turn to the 35. So, it would be very possible that Copa America 2019 is his last CA. Would he be able to give an international title to the Argentina national team at the end of his career? That is the question.

Almost 26 years ago, at the Estadio Monumental Isidro Romero Carbo in Ecuador, Argentina won their last Copa America by defeating Mexico under the leading of Gabriel Batistuta. The trophy is the last international title for Argentina. To remove their 26 years title drought, team Argentina is going to visit Brazil in the next June.

However, the upcoming season of Copa America is going to take place in Neymar’s country. To bring the trophy from the Neymar’s country, the Argentina team squad that consists of 23 players will visit Brazil and the coach Scaloni has announced their name. How good the team is? Is the team strong enough to win Copa America? Time will give the best answer.

If we consider the attacking division, team Argentina has one of the best attackers in recent time that consists of Di Maria, Dybala, Messi, Aguero, Acuna, Suarez and Martinez. They are selected for the main event of the CA.

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