German Bundesliga Point Table 2019

Posted on March 03, 2019, 12:36 pm
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German Bundesliga point table material to consider the winning team of a season. At the end of the season, through a standing point table, we can learn the standings of the teams.

German Bundesliga Point Table 2018


German Bundesliga Point Table 2019

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Bundesliga which is the name of German top flight means top professional league football competition where eighteen best German clubs used to participate in every season.

Since the beginning in 1963, in every calendar year Bundesliga has taken place in Germany and every time, it consisted of eighteen participants.

But, today we are here to talk about the German Bundesliga point table. A point table of each season consists of win, draw, loss, goals ahead, goals forward, totally played, points and some other things. And through them, we know the current teams standing. Since the beginning of a Bundesliga season, the story of point table starts.

German Bundesliga Point Table Analysis

According to the above-listed table, these eighteen clubs have qualified for the upcoming season of Bundesliga where sixteen from the previous season but rest two clubs are promoted from 2. Bundesliga.

Every season of Bundesliga, last ranked two teams used to relegate to the second division and from 2nd division, top two ranked clubs get qualify for the main competition of Bundesliga.

The whole tournament used to stage with round robin format where each club will play total thirty-four matches in a single season. Each of the schedules to play against other clubs twice times where one in a way and another one in the home. Two points have given a reward to the winner and no point for a loss. But, for a draw, one point has given. But since 1995/96, the rules had changed were three points for a victory instead of two.

Besides, there are some other facts also included. If a season would finish with same points, there are few things would still to consider. There is goal difference in the entire season, total goals scored in the entire season, head to head fact, total away goals fact and some others. Finally, after calculating every fact, highest points holder would be awarded as Bundesliga champion.

Till now, Bundesliga is examined as the second biggest league football competition in the world just after Spanish La Liga. For upcoming season, German Bundesliga fixtures have already announced as well as the clubs have confirmed.

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