German Bundesliga Football Fixtures /Result/ Date 2017/18

Posted on August 03, 2017, 11:27 pm
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Bundesliga which is the name of German top professional league football competition. It has also known as Football Bundesliga sometimes. Since 1963, in every calendar year, Bundesliga season used to take place. So, already many seasons have successfully completed.This 55th Season German Bundesliga Football Fixtures were announced on 29 June 2017. In every season, total eighteen German top clubs used to take part in this top professional league competition and at the end, just one selected crowned champion. Like previous season, German Bundesliga fixtures for upcoming season will reveal soon.

German Bundesliga Football Fixtures 2017 2018

In every season, German Bundesliga Football Fixtures used to unveil at the end of June or beginning of July. But as per the fixtures, the season of Bundesliga used to start in the middle of August in every year. The season of Bundesliga lasts till May in following year. According to the German Bundesliga Fixtures, as usual season duration is nine months. Here we present some details of German Bundesliga Football Fixtures release.

# German Bundesliga Football Fixtures Releasing Data:

  • German Bundesliga Fixtures 2017/18 Releasing Date – 29th June, 2017
  • Bundesliga 2017/18 Season Start Date – 18th August, 2017
  • Bundesliga 2017/18 Season End Date – 12th May, 2018

According to above statistics, German Bundesliga fixtures 2017/18 has already revealed and the opening match will take place in next 18th August. Total eighteen selected clubs will take part in next season where Bayern Munich is going to start the season as defending champion.

As per the schedule, each club will have to play twice in every club. One will be home match and other one will be away.

So, now the time has come for another season of German Bundesliga and the schedule of the season has published. Let’s check below where we present German Bundesliga fixtures 2017/18 completely.

# German Bundesliga Football Fixtures 2017/18 (Confirmed):

[After the complete fixtures of Bundesliga 2017/18 will release, the update will be added here.]


Till 1995/96, each team got two points for a victory and one point for a draw. But later then, rules had changed where three points for a win, one for a draw and none for loss. The club got highest points at the end, declared crowned champion.

Bundesliga is regarded as the second biggest and 3rd most popular league football competition in the current world and their place is just after Spanish La Liga and English Premier League. There are world class clubs used to take part here and due to be the German league competition, most players are German though there are many foreign players also take part.

In Bundesliga, Bayern Munich is the most successful club by winning highest number of titles. They are also one of the top successful club in Champions League as well. Considering the title winning, Borussia Monchengladbach is in 2nd and Borussia Dortmund is in 3rd position.

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