Five English Football Clubs on the Rise

Posted on February 19, 2019, 8:31 am
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The football media, both in the UK and across the globe, can at times feel somewhat saturated with coverage of the Premier League. Indeed, within that coverage, there is a lot of emphases put upon the Big 6 clubs, at the expense of the other 14 sides in the league. It feels like we learn each day about what Jose Mourinho had for breakfast, while there is a wealth of stories and intrigues about other clubs wilfully ignored.

In light of that, we are going to look at five English football clubs, in the Premier League and below, who seem to have a bright future ahead of them. Some may even be struggling at the moment, but the signs suggest that might be temporary. Could one break the Big 6 one day? It’s very possible:

1. Wolves

Five English Football Clubs on the Rise 1


2. Bournemouth

It remains a mystery as to how Eddie Howe has not been named as a candidate for the biggest jobs in world football. What he has done in a few years at Bournemouth deserves massive praise. They are a small club with a limited budget, yet they set smugly above Manchester United (and Wolves) in the current Premier League.

Outstanding. Bournemouth and Howe might need some sort of silverware to crown these glory years for the south-coast club, so why not the EFL Cup?

3. Brentford

The Championship is littered with big-name clubs down on their luck, with Aston Villa, Leeds and West Brom all fighting to get back to the promised land of the Premier League. Ask anyone who knows the division which side is the most complete, plenty will point you in the direction of Brentford. They win the Championship and make their first trip to the Premier League looks like solid business.

Five English Football Clubs on the Rise 24. Peterborough United

Peterborough became a bit of joke under legendary manager Barry Fry in the 1990s, a kind of symbol of the struggle of lower league football. However, the last few years have seen “The Posh” focus on playing attractive, attacking the football.

They sit second in League One right now and are the division’s top scorers with 30 goals already. at the end of the season and make it to the Championship. For many Peterborough fans, that will be just the beginning.

5. Forest Green Rovers

The biggest wild card on this list, Forest Green are not included for their football (they are just above mid-table in League Two). They are included because of the way the club is run – the world’s first vegan football club.

Yes, that’s right; no meat pies and burgers for the players and fans. It’s all about the ‘green’ ethos of the club’s owner, Dale Vince. Can an environmentally friendly club lead the way in English football? Not just yet, but perhaps one day.

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