FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Tickets Price (Important Note)

Posted on June 12, 2017, 8:47 pm
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10th edition of FIFA Confederations Cup is going to kick off in next 17th June, 2017 and end up in next 2nd July, 2017. The whole schedule of the competition has revealed. Now, here comes the details of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Tickets Price. According to the schedule, the whole season of the competition will be hosted in Russia and already four different venues are also arranged by the organizer. But, to maintain the rules, the ticket price will be within range.

fifa confederations cup 2017 tickets price

Though, the matches will not staged at the same venue and so, there are plenty of categories of tickets price are available which used to vary from venue to venue. Besides, opening match price is different and group matches price will be different. Now, here we present below FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Ticket Price according to the categories.

# FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Tickets Price:

S/N. Stage 3rd Category Price (USD) 2nd Category Price (USD) 1st Category Price (USD)
1. Opening Match 85 120 170
2. Group Match 70 85 135
3. Semi – Finals 85 125 160
4. 3rd Place Match 70 85 135
5. Final 115 160 245


According to the above data, we have presented the overall tickets price where all applicable taxes are included. We see, for the opening match, the ticket price has divided into three categories where 1st category ticket price is 70 USD, 2nd category price is 120 USD and 3rd category price is 85 USD. However., in every cases, there are three categories ticket price are available.

Besides, customers can buy ticket to the last minutes of the game from a FIFA Venue. And ticket can be bought with Russian Roubles (RUB) and US Dollars (USD).

Excluding the above listed three categories, the 4th category is still available but reserved only for Russian residents where first three categories are available for anyone. Here Russian residents means temporary or permanent legal residents.

Besides, there are couple of more categories are available there which are Wheelchair User, Easy Access Standard, Easy Access Amenity etc. For opening match, Wheel Chair ticket price is 85 USD, Easy Access Standard ticket price is 85 USD and Easy Access Amenity ticket price is 85 USD. Ticket price will vary from match to match and venue to venue, according to the above statistics.

# FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Tickets important note :

However, if someone who wants to buy all four matches tickets from each venue, he will have that chance. There are total four venues where total sixteen matches will be hosted. So, each venue will be hosted four matches. Kazan Arena is one of them which will host 2nd, 8th, 9th and 13th matches of the tournament and customer who wants the ticket for all four matches will have to spend total 565 USD for 1st category, 380 USD for 2nd category and 295 for 3rd category. 295 USD for rest three categories wheelchair, easy access standard and easy access amenity as well.

FIFA Confederations Cup is one of the prestigious competition which used to be organized by FIFA since the beginning. Now, the competition used to stage in every four years where eight teams from six various confederations used to compete. Upcoming season will be 10th version where Germany and Portugal are the two most potential teams.

So, this time, the competition will be much exciting and if you are thinking to enjoy the tournament live from the stadium, do not waste any time but confirm the ticket first.

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