10 Fastest Football Player in the world 2019

Posted on February 15, 2019, 5:35 am
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The numbers revealed by FIFA last year combined with Premier League sprint & speed statistics Arjen Robben is the fastest sprinter in the world as he clocked 37 km/h which is the Still record of the other recorded ones. Shane Long, Antonio Valencia, Mathew Leckie had almost the same Acceleration, Stamina and top speed.

IN 2014 World Cup, the game  Spain vs Holland. Arjan Robben sprint passed Spain’s Sergio Ramos to score 5th goal of the match. In that one move, Arjan Robben showcased blistering pace and it was recorded at 37 km/h. which was new record breaking the previous one set by Ecuador and Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia. Olympic gold medalist and sprint champion Usain Bolt can cloak up to 44 km/h at his peak.

World Speedy & Fastest Football Player 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi was good at accelerating from standing position faster than anyone else. but according to FIFA top 10 Fastest Football Player, 2018 list Lionel Messi(32.5 km/h) and Cristiano Ronaldo(33.6 km/h) could not take place. they are placed in 14th and 15th position.

FIFA Fastest Football Player 2019

PositionNationPlayerTop SpeedClub
1NetherlandsArjen Robben37 km/hBayern Munich
2IrelandShane Long35.31 km/hSouthampton
3EcuadorAntonio Valencia35.2 km/hManchester United
4AustraliaMathew Leckie35.18 km/hFC Ingolstadt
5United StatesLynden Gooch35.16 kh/hSunderland
6EnglandJamie Vardy35.12 km/hLeicester City
7EnglandKyle Walker35.12 km/hTottenham Hotspur
8WalesGareth Bale34.9 km/hReal Madrid
9SpainHector Bellerin34.77 km/hArsenal
10SenegalSadio Mane34.70 km/hLiverpool

top 5 fastes football player 2017

1. Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben is the Dutch international player and currently playing for the one of the Richest Football Club Bayern Munich. He is the current fastest football player 2018.

His top speed was recorded 37 km per hour while playing against Spain in 2014 FIFA World Cup. Since then, no player can able to cross it.

2. Shane Long

Shane Long is not so famous player in football history and he is playing for Ireland national football team. Besides, he is currently playing for the English club Southampton.

Though he yet to make his position in history by performance, considering the speedy player, he is placed in 2nd position by running 35.31 km per hour speed. However, his top speed has made his the most speedy footballer in Premier League history.

3. Antonio Valencia

Antonio Valencia is the quite familiar name in football competition who is representing Ecuador national football team but also playing for the wealthiest club in England as well as in the world Manchester United.

Though, his scoring rate is rarely placed him on the spotlight but his speed of play is amazing. His top running speed was recorded 35.2 km pr hour. He is the 3rd speedy player in the current football world.

4. Mathew Leckie

Most of the football lovers hardly knows the name of Mathew Leckie who is playing for the Australia national football team but playing for the club FC Ingolstadt. He is known for his speed. His top speed is recorded FC Ingolstadt km per hour respectively.

5. Lynden Gooch

Lynden Gooch is playing for United States national football team and English club Sunderland. He is ranked the fifth position of top speedy football players list. His highest speed was 35.16 km per hour recorded.

6th to 10th fastest football player 2017

6. Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy is one of the most inseparable player of England national football team and currently under contracted with EPL club Leicester City.

Vardy was one of the two major player of the Foxes who helped the team to win Premier League title for the first time in last season. He is regarded as the 6th speedy player in the world with his highest 35.12 km per hour run.

7. Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker is also England national team player but currently playing for Tottenham Hotspur. His top speed was recorded 35.12 km per hour.

8. Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is the Wales national team player and regarded as one of the best player in the world now. He is also one of the top three forward in Spanish giant Real Madrid now. No doubt about his performance but along with it, he possesses speed. He is the most speedy player in La Liga now which top speed was recorded 34.9 km per hour.

9. Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin is one of the famous footballers in Spain who is currently playing for Arsenal. In the current season, his performance is not sufficient enough but however, his speed sometimes helps the team to change the match. His top run is 34.77 km per hour which placed him the 9th position of top speedy players list.

10. Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane is the Senegal international player who is under contracted with English club Liverpool. Due to his 34.70 km per hour run, he is placed on the 10th position of top speedy players list in football nowadays.

When did you ask for Fastest Football Player 2019? it must be tackled in two different ways. There will be the fastest player with the ball at feet and a player fastest off the Ball.

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