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Intros of Euro 2020 Host Cities.UEFA European Championship 2020 Trophy Soccer Qualification Tournament Timetable,Venues. Final games at Wembley Stadium.

Upcoming edition of UEFA European Championship 2020 will be the 16th episode and total thirteen countries are going to host the whole season of this most exciting football competition. It will be also known as UEFA Euro 2020.

uefa euro 2020 championeship

The first time of this most popular competition was hosted in 1960 and since then, it used to be taken place once in every four years. At the beginning, just four teams used to compete here. After few seasons, the number was increased to eight, later in sixteen. But in the last season of the competition, total twenty four (24) teams took part and it will be the same in upcoming edition as well. Now, you can find below the complete details of upcoming 16th edition of UEFA European Championship 2020.

Data of UEFA Euro 2020  Championship  :

  • Tournament Name – UEFA European Championship
  • Season – 2020
  • Edition – Sixteenth (16th)
  • Simply Familiar As – Euro 2020
  • Host Nations – 13
  • Total Competitors – 24
  • Duration – June to July, 2020
  • Total Matches Number – 51
  • Defending Champion – Portugal

Number of Matches and  Host Cities Euro 2020 :

Euro 2020 host cities country

Germany ( Munich ) –  A quarter-final and three group Games.
Azerbaijan( Baku ) – A quarter-final and three group Games.
Italy( Rome ).A quarter-final and three group Games.
Russia( St Peters burg) – A quarter-final and three group Games.
Belgium( Brussels ) – A round of 16 match and three group Games.
Denmark( Copenhagen ) – A round of 16 match and three group Games.
Hungary( Budapest) – A round of 16 match and three group Games.
Netherlands( Amsterdam) – A round of 16 match-three group Games.
Republic of Ireland( Dublin) – A round of 16 and three group Games.
Romania( Bucharest ) – A round of 16 match and three group Games.
Scotland( Glasgow ) – A round of 16 match and three group Games.
Spain( Bilbao ) – A round of 16 match and three group Games.
England( London) – UEFA EURO 2020 semi-finals and final Games.

The participants details of upcoming Euro 2020 are yet to be confirmed because the qualifying round of the tournament has not finished. Here we present below the details schedule of qualifying round.

Euro 2020 Qualifying Round Schedule

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The last season of Euro 2016 was hosted in France but upcoming edition of this biggest competition will be organized by thirteen different countries. Total thirteen different venues will be hosted the whole season of this competition. Here we present the complete details of all thirteen venues below.

Euro 2020 host cities Stadiums

13 Stadiums  UEFA EURO 2020

  1. Allianz Arena – Allianz Arena is just the other biggest stadium as well as renowned which is located in Germany. It can hold almost 70,000 seating position.
  2. Wembley Stadium – Wembley Stadium is one of the renowned stadium located in London and will be one of thirteen venues of upcoming Euro 2020. With almost 90,000 seating capacity, it is one of the biggest stadium.
  3. Stadio Olimpico – Stadio Olimpico is an Italian stadium which is situated at Rome. It has also 70,000 seating capacity.
  4. Krestovsky Stadium – Krestovsky Stadium is the Russian stadium which is placed at Saint Peters burg. Russian top club Zenit Saint Petersburg is currently using it as their home venue. It will be one of the thirteen selected venues of upcoming Euro 2020 competition.
  5. Baku National Stadium – Baku Stadium is the national ground of Azerbaijan which was named after the name of Baku city. It has 69,870 seating position of an international match.
  6. Arena Nationala – Arena Nationala is located at Bucharest, Romania and has 55,000 seating capacity.
  7. Aviva Stadium – Aviva Stadium is located in Dublin, Ireland.
  8. Amsterdam Arena – Dutch stadium Amsterdam Arena is also selected for the upcoming competition which is placed in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  9. San Mames Stadium – San Mames Stadium is located in Bilbao, Spain.
  10. Parken Stadium – Parken Stadium which is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was first opened in 9th September, 1992.
  11. New Puskas Ferenc Stadium – The arena is located in Budapest, Hungary.
  12. Eurostadium – Eurostadium is one of the newest addition which is placed in Brussels, Belgium. The stadium is yet to be opened but in 2019. It could start the journey.
  13. Hampden Park – At Glasgow, Scotland Hampden Park stadium is staged which is commonly known as Hampden.


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