Chelsea Pre Season Tour Schedule 2019

Posted on March 08, 2019, 12:41 pm
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Chelsea is the current number 5 position holder of English Premier League (EPL). before start premier Lague 2018/19 season, they will play some pre season matches. So, recently Chelsea pre season tour schedule 2018 has revealed and according to the official new Schedule, they will play in total 1 friendly match, 3 International Champions Cup match and an FA community Shield Match as pre season matches.

Chelsea Pre Season Tour Schedule 2018

Chelsea Pre Season Tour Schedule 2018

Date Day Time (BST) Event Against Venue
23rd July 2018 Mon 12:00 Friendly Perth Glory Optus Stadium
28th July 2018 Sat 16:05 ICC Sevilla National Stadium, Warsaw
1st Aug 2018 Wed 18:05 ICC Inter Milan Ullevi Stadium
4th Aug 2018 Sat 19:05 ICC Arsenal Friends Arena
5th Aug 2018 Sun 15:00 FA Shield Manchester City Wembley Stadium


Generally, to play pre season matches, Chelsea used to visit the different nations and avoid to play the host ground. This time, they will also travel to China and Singapore to play the pre season matches.


However, two matches out of four are the part of International Champions Cup (ICC) 2017 which will be against Bayern Munich and Inter Milan.

International Champions Cup (ICC) is a friendly competition which used to stage every year since 2013 and the tournament consists of three to seventeen participants from all over the Europe.

This time, fourteen renowned clubs from Europe has confirmed to participate in the upcoming fifth edition of ICC 2017. The Blues is one of the respective competitors of ICC in this season. Chelsea Pre Season Tour Schedule 2017 is given below.

Chelsea Pre Season Tour Schedule 2017

M/No. Date Day Time (BST) Event Against Venue
1st 22nd Jul, 2017 Sat TBA Friendly Arsenal Bird’s Nest Stadium
2nd 25th Jul, 2017 Tue 13:35 ICC Bayern Munich National Stadium, Singapore
3rd 29th Jul, 2017 Sat 12:35 ICC Inter Milan National Stadium, Singapore
4th 3rd Aug, 2017 Thu TBA Friendly TBA TBA

Excluding two ICC friendly matches in 2017, The Blues will also play two more pre season matches where one of them against Premier League competitor Arsenal and rest one is yet to declare.

However, like upcoming pre season matches, Chelsea also played pre season matches in last season and they played seven matches during that time. Among them, three were in International Champions Cup 2016 where they won twice and lost against Real Madrid. Let’s see the result of last year pre season matches of Chelsea.

Result of Chelsea Pre Season Tour Schedule 2016

M/No. Date Day Event Match Between Venue
1st 16th Jul, 2016 Sat Friendly

Chelsea Vs Rapid Wien

0 – 2

Vienna, Austria
2nd 20th Jul, 2016 Wed Friendly

Chelsea Vs Wolfsberger AC

3 – 0

Klagenfurt, Austria
3rd 21st Jul, 2016 Thu Friendly

Chelsea Vs Atus Ferlach

8 – 0

Ferlach, Austria
4th 27th Jul, 2016 Wed ICC

Chelsea Vs Liverpool

1 – 0

Pasadena, California, United States
5th 30th Jul, 2016 Sat ICC

Chelsea Vs Real Madrid

2 – 3

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
6th 3rd Aug, 2016 Wed ICC

Chelsea Vs Milan

3 – 1

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
7th 7th Aug, 2016 Sun Friendly

Chelsea Vs Werder Bremen

4 – 2

Bremen, Germany

Chelsea is the second most successful team in English Premier League by winning five titles of EPL including last season. They used to participate in International Champions Cup competition since the beginning in 2013 but unfortunately yet to win any titles of it but played final once in 2013 and lost against Real Madrid.

But at the beginning of last season of Premier League, they played under their new boss Antonio Conte and started to dominate the league. As a result, they won the EPL after just one year. Which means they have reclaimed the title.

Now, they want to start the new season with the best performance and before that, they need to ensure their strength through the pre season matches. So, pre season tour is very important to them.

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