Who is the best player in the World? Messi or Ronaldo? The debate is continuous. Some people are the crazy supporters of the Argentine forward Messi and some will go for Cristiano no doubt. But, when he has come to the very specific competition which is the top tournament in Europe named Champions League, Ronaldo is ahead of the LM10 and he is securing his position day by day. So, now the question is can Messi ever touch Ronaldo?

Can Messi ever touch Ronaldo in Champions LeagueThe duel between them is not new. Many people started to see football with duel. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two best players in the World right now and also the two best footballers ever according to many. One of the started his career in the La Liga and would probably finish his career there. Another one left his home nation Portugal and moved to England.

Later, he moved to Spain and now, he is playing for the Italian giants as we know. So, Lionel Messi has become alone in the Spanish La Liga but still, the comparison runs between them. Like, yesterday, Lionel Messi could not score the goal in the Champions League for Barcelona against Manchester United but Ronaldo got the goal for Juventus against Ajax. So, in the different kinds of news portals the question has come that considering the goals number, can Lionel Messi even touch Cristiano?

In the Champions League, the Italian giants Juventus could not present their regular form yesterday but CR7 found the net as usual. To become Europe’s Champion, Ronaldo is always best. When the tournament comes to the end, Ronaldo becomes more dangerous and his hunger of scoring goals increase a lot. In the Champions League, by playing 161 matches the Portuguese star has scored 125 goals so far. Against his most rival Messi, he is 17 goals ahead still now.

Ronaldo is currently 34 years old and the Argentine star is 31. So, according to the general calculation, the Argentine forward will get the chance of playing more days than Ronaldo. So, he would get the chance of overtaking his rival. For the Manchester United, Ronaldo made his Champions League debut in 2003 and if he made his debut earlier, he could have scored more goals.

On 10th April 2007, against Roma, CR7 opened his UCL goal account and yet to stop. By playing 12 years, he has scored 125 goals so far. On the other side, Messi made his UCL debut in 2004 and he was ahead of the Portuguese star considering goals earlier. But, after the season of 2011/12, CR7 scored at least 10 goals in every season of the UCL and so, LM10 went behind.

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