Best midfielders in soccer right now in the World

Posted on May 25, 2018, 5:52 pm
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In soccer midfielders, are seems as the heart of the team. Defenders act like the guards, strikers act like the knights, goalkeeper acts like a wall but the midfielders act as the contributor with all the layers. Midfielders play in the broad part of the playground running between the strikers and defenders. The midfield position can be divided into three categories-Centre midfielders, Box-to-box midfielders, and Wide midfielders. The best midfielders in soccer are the keystone of the team.

Best midfielders in soccer right now

Some midfielders play as defensive roles, some play as running in the boundary line to check opposites and some play as the playmakers to the strikers.

Top 10 best midfielders in soccer right now

Midfielders set themselves in the very crucial parts of the game. In the game of pressure, they play the protective role of the game with the extreme heartbeat.

10.Sergio Busquets (La Liga)

Sergio Busquets is a defensive midfielder for both of the National team of Spain and of the team Barcelona. Sergio was born in the small town of Sabadell in Spain on July 16, 1988. At his early age, he started his journey by joining with the local Catalonian club CD Badia del Valles.

Sergio Busquets Best midfielders in soccer right now

He had signed for Barcelona in July 2008 and reached him in a great position gradually in a little period. Besides Barcelona, he is as same in his performance in the Spain National Team with effective playing.

His massive performance as the best midfielder in soccer was very much contributory in winning the 2010 football world cup.

As a National team player of Spain, he achieved the World Cup Final. As a team player of Barcelona, he achieved La-Liga, Copa Del Rey, and UEFA Champions League final in his fabulous career.

9.Arturo Vidal (Bundesliga)

Arturo Vidal is a lucrative midfielder by his performance as well as by his style of hair. He is an attacking midfielder for both of his Chilean National Team and for the Bayern Munich soccer club.

He was born in a Santiago the capital city of Chile on 22 May 1987. Vidal is well known for his accuracy in ball passing and attacking with aggressive action.

Arturo Vidal Best midfielders in soccer right now

Vidal started his playing with the Chilean local team Colo-Colo in 2006. Then his performances make him one of the world best midfielders in soccer by playing with Leverkusen, Juventus, and Bayern Munich.

He helped Leverkusen to reach the runner-up in Bundesliga with his top 11 assists. In Juventus Vidal was an integral part of the team in reaching the team to the Champions League Final in 2015.

He was placed at the top 10 UEFA best players in Europe in 2015. The career in Bayern Munich is mostly suffered from regular injuries that might affect in running his performance.

8.Marco Verratti (France Ligue 1)

Marco Verratti is a box to box midfielder in the biggest supportive team of PSG. He is a regular midfield contributor in his Italian national team. Verratti was born in a town of Italy on 5 November 1992. He is a quick and technical central midfielder in controlling to pass the ball.

Marco Verratti Best midfielders in soccer right now

He started his journey in football by signing with Pescara in 2001. His effective performance gradually placed him with the team where Neymar, Cavani, and Mbappe are his team partner. He was joined with PSG on 18 July 2012. Verratti

Verratti was compared with the legendary Italian defender Andrea Pirlo in case of selecting the best midfielder for the team. His playing skills subsequently made him one of the world best midfielders in soccer.

7.Yaya Toure (Premier League)

The full name of the former Manchester City central midfielder is Gnegneri Yaya Toure. He was born in Bouake, Ivory Coast on 13 May 1983. At his first career, he was joined with Olympiacos in 2005.

Then he was signed with the French club Monaco in 2006. His performances in Monaco easily attract one of the world best football clubs in Barcelona.

Yaya Toure Best midfielders in soccer right now

Toure signed with Barcelona in 2007 for million Euros. In Barcelona, he had played with the essential contribution in UEFA Champions League final.

Toure was signed with the big English football club Manchester City in July 2010. In his career in Ivory Coast, he achieved the great honor in playing three FIFA world cup tournaments in 2006, 2010 and 2014 with leading the team also.

Toure announced his retirement from international football on September 20, 2016, but he returned to the national team in March 2018.

6.David Silva (Premier League)

The full name of David Silva is David Jouse Jimenez Silva. He was born in Arguineguin town Spain on January 8, 1986. He is a playmaker in midfield both for the team of Manchester City and for the Spanish National team.

David Silva Best midfielders in soccer right now

At his early age, Silva was signed with the Valencia soccer club in 2004. He scored 8 goals in the 2009-20010 seasons in Valencia to the UEFA Champions League. Silva then joined Manchester City on June 30, 2010, when he was proving himself as one of the world best midfielders in soccer.

As a national midfielder for Spain, he scored 35 goals that made him the fourth-best goal scorer in Spanish history. He was an essential part of the Spanish team in 2008 Euro cup, 2010 World cup and 2012 Euro cup.

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5.Casemiro (La Liga)

The Real Madrid and Brazilian midfielder Casemiro is famously known for his extreme running capabilities. He was born in Sao Jose dos Campos a city of Brazil on 23 February 1992. Casemiro is famous for his aggressive defending midfield in both of the teams.

Casemiro Best midfielders in soccer right now

Casemiro firstly started his journey by joining a Brazilian local club Sao Paulo in 2010. His performances in there give him a reward of signing with a splendid team of Real Madrid in 2013.

In the supervision of Zinedine Zidan, he constantly upgrades himself at his position. He is most familiar with his long-shot goal in the 2017 Champions League Final against Juventus. Casemiro is now a basic team player both for the team.

4.Thiago Alcantara (Bundesliga)

The very few world best midfielders in soccer made their positions committed in their performance Thiago Alcantara is one of them. He was born in the San Pietro Vernotico a town of Italy on 11 April 1991. He is a regular central midfielder of Italy and Bayern Munich.

Thiago Alcantara Best midfielders in soccer right now

Alcantro signed with Barcelona on May 2009. He was one of the lucky team players in winning the FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Champions League and La-Liga for Barcelona. As a regular midfielder for Bayern Munich, he joined on 14 July 2013. He achieved two winnings in Bundesliga finals at his career

3. Luka Modric (La Liga)

Real Madrid and Croatian midfielder Luka Modric is a top-ranked central, attacking and defending midfielder at a time. He was born in Zadar, SFR in Yugoslavia on 9 September 1985.

Luka Modric Best midfielders in soccer right now

His career is flourished when he joined with Real Madrid after a long career passing with Dinamo Zagreb and Tottenhum Hotspur.

Modric’s hard working and dedication has made him different in his side. He is one of the players on the very close to winning three-time Champions League Final at a stretch. As a player of the Croatia national teams, his contribution made him one of the greatest players of Croatia ever

2. Paul Pogba (Premier League)

Paul Pogba is familiarly known for his exceptional cutting of hair and it’s on the eye just because of his performance at all. Pogba was born on March 15, 1993, in Langy-sur-Marne of France.

Paula Pogba Best midfielders in soccer right now

The Manchester United and French National team midfielder Pogba can dribble and shoot to overcome the opposing defenders at a short time.

Manchester United brought him with a recorded transfer fee of $89 million in 2012. He is a player of all thoughts of defending, attacking and central positioning with huge effect. Pogba made two back to back goals in winning against the rivalry with Manchester City in 2018.

1 Andres Iniesta (La Liga)

If you searched for the world best midfielders in soccer the will first come is Andres Iniesta Lujan. He was born in Fuentealbila, Spain on 11 May 1984. His dedication and duties in soccer made him as all-time best midfielder both for Barcelona and Spain.

Andres Iniesta Best midfielders in soccer right now

His primary club was Albacete Balompie in Spain. But within few years he was signed with Barcelona in 2004. His career in Barcelona seems to be a fairy story to the new football lovers.

Iniesta achieved all the winning cups as an absolute part of the team Barca in his long 22 years of career in there.On May 2018 he retired from Barcelona with huge honor from the fans and supporters.

His achievements in the Spanish National Team are a cinematic title. In the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, he had scored the winning goal that was his career best achievement. All his performance will keep him at the all-time world best midfielders in soccer in ever future.


Football is game where all the players have crucial roles in their own sides. But a midfielder is responsible for central, attacking and defending positions in a game.It is absolutely a hard task to remain in the world best midfielders in soccer for all. But somebody can make it possible in sometimes.