Lewandowski with hat trick, Bayern with German Super Cup

Posted on August 12, 2018, 5:51 pm
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We were burning for this match and he exceeded our wildest expectations. Or no, different. Eintracht Frankfurt exceeded our wildest expectations, because it played so badly, as hardly anyone expected. The “Eagles” presented themselves like an average second-class player without an outstanding form and lost to Bayern fully deservedly 0: 5 – in addition to their own stadium. Lewandowski with hat trick, Bayern with German Super Cup.

Lewandowski with hat trick, Bayern with German Super CupEintracht Frankfurt – Bayern Munich 0: 5 

0: 1 – Lewandowski, 21 min, 0: 2 – Lewandowski, 26 min, 0: 3 – Lewandowski, 54 min, 0: 4 – Coman, 63 min, 0 : 5 – Thiago, 85 min.
He was judged by  Marco Fritz. 50000 spectators.


Ronnow – Abraham, Hasebe, Salcedo – Da Costa, Torro, de Guzman (64th Rebić), Willems – Fabian (64. Blum), Gacinović – Haller (76. Jović). Coach Adolf HUETTER.


Neuer – Kimmich, Suele, Hummels, Alaba – Martinez, Thiago – Robben (57th Coman), Mueller (64. Goretzka), Ribery – Lewandowski (70. Wagner). Coach Niko KOVAC.

The first 20 minutes did not show anything special. Both teams played very much the same as in the previous season, although of course there were some castings on the coaching benches. You know who I’m talking about. Niko Kovac left Eintracht to take over Bayern and just as a Munich coach, he returned to Frankfurt to fight for the German Super Cup. If it were not for him, Adolf Hütter, his successor, would have no opportunity to lead the team at this meeting, so no one in the city of great finances had any claims to the Croat.

The key moment took place in the 21st minute. There would be no talk about it at all if media predictions came true and Robert Lewandowski would actually start on the bench. He did not start and in that minute he scored, when Kimmich served him a perfect cross. The other thing is that they did not do a good job at the center of the Frankfurt defenders, but that’s just a detail. Four minutes later, the Pole raised his head again, this time on the corner of Robben. 

Again, she did not show off the defense of the Eintracht, which left too much space to the Left, and also need to criticize the new goalkeeper of “Orłów” Rönnow, who helped the attacker of Bayern through his hesitation. Until then, Hütter’s players presented themselves in a way that they have ceased to exist since the loss of the second goal. Nothing came out of them,

Although at the very end of the half they had this situation, for which Hummels saw only a yellow card ..

Lewandowski with hat trick Bayern with Super CupWell, but whatever, only they could only score and get back into the game, no? And so they lost the third, and Lewandowski completed a hat-trick. First, the Munich team received the ball on half of the rivals, then it was played to a Pole who used Abraham’s debilitating error and put the ball into the goal. And as far as Abraham is concerned …

The guest should not be on the pitch anymore. A moment earlier, he deliberately bumped into Lewy when he was standing without a ball, not taking part in the action and turning him over. VAR was silent, and the Argentine flew on the FCB sniper. I am not some defender of Lewandowski, that he would not be there, he is totally indifferent to me, but the Eintracht stopwatch has evidently gone astray. The escalation of their conflict occurred in the 70th minute when the CAPTAIN of the Frankfurters pulled a nearly 30-year-old attacker from the elbow to the snout. 

The blood began to slowly trickle from the face of a Pole who wanted to explain himself to some issues with the crooked Abraham, not even eager to demolish Lewandowski, as a real fighter. What did VAR do? You think well, he threw Argent out … not a moment, it’s not in Germany. In Germany, the VAR does not work, so he did not react and the pitch-boots Cossack only saw a yellow card. Kovac, on the other hand, decided not to support all this spin and replaced Lewy Wagner.

And it was already at the result of 4: 0 for Munichers because Kingsley Coman raised the level of Alaba a few minutes earlier. The Austrian left defender could not know at the time that this match would not end happily for him, because he suffered a serious-looking knee injury in the 75th minute. He could not continue the game and went down with the help of the staff members, and in his place, he was let in … no one, because Kovac has already used all the changes. 

Bayern ended the match in weakness, but in the second half, Eintracht was so pathetic that even in the majority he could not tie the offensive of ANOTHER. Losses, inaccuracies, chaos – this was characteristic of the Frankfurters, which in the times of the Croatian trainer would have been a failure. And if that was not enough, they got the fifth goal by Thiago, who could not use the pan, what Coman put him. Oh, it could be up to 6: 0, but Sandro Wagner misses the easy opportunity.

The Eintracht looked really bad today. It is known that there is nothing to draw premature conclusions, the Super Cup is such a more important sparring, but nevertheless, it was obvious that many things did not work in Frankfurt. There was a lot of chaos, and the team crashed after losing the second gate. 

Nerves, misunderstandings, defensive holes, wrong setting … Hutter must try harder because he will not be able to do anything at Commerzbank-Arena. Eintracht is not a constellation but a team that needs to be set accordingly. They were strong, because they had Kovaca and, as I said in the announcement, it will have to face the Austrian with his legend. And today he failed his first test and very clearly. He must remember that it was not he who took it. 

However, the Croat can enjoy a nice welcome with Bavaria. No Bayern revolution has ever done, even the WINGS GREEN duo has been the same, although I have the impression, as I wrote on Twitter, that the Munich were some more flexible in the offensive, more mobile, which is a very good harbinger of the FCB game. Well, but the other thing is that today the opponent definitely did not suspend the bar too high.

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