Without Messi, Barcelona thrashes Real Madrid 5-1 in El Clasico. El Clasico is the competition between two giant teams in Spanish La Liga named Real Madrid and Barcelona and since the beginning, it has become very popular and prestigious duet for the two teams. However, Lionel Messi was not completely absent there. e did enjoy the match from the gallery. But, his absence was not felt due to the Luis Suarez. This Uruguayan forward made a hat-trick in the new season of La Liga and so, Barcelona destroyed Real Madrid in the season’s first El Clasico.

At the Camp Nou, in Sunday afternoon considering the local time, the team of Valverde has returned to the top position on La Liga point table by winning the match against Real Madrid by 5 – 1 goal. After the hat-trick of Luis Suarez, the rest two goals were scored by Coutinho and Vidal.

Without Messi Barcelona thrashes Real Madrid 5 1 in El ClasicoIn the ongoing season of La Liga, Real Madrid failed to win consecutive five matches and faced defeat consecutive three times. Though, Real Madrid got the first chance in 8th minutes of the game. But the cross of Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema failed to use the chance.

In 11th minutes of the game, Barcelona got the most demanded goal. Jordi Alba went to the box from the left side and e made a cut back to Brazilian midfielder Coutinho. This midfielder made a shot with his left leg and found the net. Messi was in the gallery at that time and he enjoyed the goal very much.

In 19th minutes of the game, another Brazilian midfielder Arthur could increase the difference double. But his shot which he took from the outside of the box was stopped by the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois amazingly. In 30th minutes of the game, with a successful spot-kick, Suarez made the difference double. Into the box, Rafael Varane fouled to the Uruguayan striker and with the VAR, the referee gave the penalty to Barcelona. Courtois jumped the right way but failed to stop the ball.

Real started the 2nd half very well. In 50th minutes of the game, they reduced the goal difference. From the right side, Isco made a cross and the ball was received by Brazilian defender Marcelo. He controlled the ball with the chest and escaped Pique and found the net successfully. They got two more chances but failed to use them actually.

In 75th minutes of the game, Suarez again increased the goal difference. In 83rd minutes of the game, he fulfilled his hat-trick. In the ongoing season, it was his seventh goal. In 87th minutes of the game, the replaced player Vidal confirmed the victory by scoring the last goal. By playing ten matches with six victories and three draws, Barcelona achieved 21 points and holding the top position on the La Liga point table.

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