Barca – Real amazing draw in El Clasico

Posted on May 07, 2018, 7:13 am
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The race of La Liga title has ended already for the ongoing season. But in El Clasico was so contesting as it was. The top two club in Spain Barcelona and Real Madrid presented a most charming match yesterday. After many speculations, Barca-Real amazing draw in El Clasico yesterday.

The players of both teams fought hard against each other in the ground Barcelona went ahead twice times but finally could not be left the ground with the victory. But they played with ten men in the 2nd half and also Real Madrid could not defeat them.

Barca-Real amazing draw in El Clasico

It was not a poor achievement for Barcelona. In the meantime, the title holder Barcelona made a draw with Real Madrid by 2 – 2 goals at Camp Nou.

At Camp Nou which is the home venue of Barcelona, the 2nd El Clasico in the season was executed yesterday. Through the goal of Luis Suarez, the team of Ernesto Valverde went ahead. But, Cristiano brought his team to a balance by scoring a goal.

At the ending moment of 1st half, Sergi Roberto has seen a red card. At the beginning of the 2nd half, the Argentine skipper Lionel Messi led his team Barca ahead once again. This time, the team of Zidane came back to the game by the score of Gareth Bale.

At the Camp Nou, Barcelona kept the pressure on the Real’s defence at the beginning. They played speedy football and so, Real Madrid was busy to control their defence in that time. With talented playing of Messi and Suarez, in 10th minutes of the game, Barcelona went ahead.

From the right side, Roberto made a cross and the defenders of Real Madrid were busy to guard Messi. But in the blank spot Suarez took the chance and from the eight yards with the right leg shot, he made the net easily.

Just after five minutes, Real Madrid returned to the game. Ronaldo made a back hill and Kroos crossed it to Benzema. He touched the ball with head and CR7 made it to the net. The first half ended with 1 – 1 goals though both teams tried hard to score goals but could not make any clear chance.

Ronaldo could not play at the 2nd half where he was a little injured while scoring the goal. In the 2nd half, Real started to give pressure on the Barca’s defence where the local team played with ten players only. But the guest team was disappointed when Barca went ahead by scoring the 2nd goal.

Leo Messi was the scorer this time. He made a carve shot with the assistance of Suarez. In 72nd minutes of the game, Gareth Bale was the saviour of Real. He scored the goal and so, the match ended withdraw.

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