Arsenal vs Chelsea Matches are More Enjoyable in Hospitality

Posted on February 07, 2020, 3:37 am
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Every football fan enjoys the clash of titans such as Chelsea and Arsenal. Arsenal and Chelsea are counted as top two football clubs in London, and they also exist an intense rivalry between them. In a survey done back in 2009, Arsenal fans declared Chelsea as the most disliked club after Tottenham. Whereas, Chelsea fans declared Arsenal as their second disliked club, after Liverpool. 

The stats suggest that Arsenal has won 38% of the matches they’ve played against Chelsea, while Chelsea has only won about 32% of games. Roughly 30% of games have been drawn. So, yeah, when it comes to their match and fan following, the game isn’t just a league match; it’s a clash of titans. 

The last league match between Arsenal and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge was a delight with four goals, three yellow cards and one red card. Hector Bellerin’s dramatic goal equalized the match and helped in Arsenal matching the score with Chelsea.

The Chelsea captain was in full control with Cesar Azpilicueta looking to have won the match when he tapped in from Callum Hudson-Odoi’s pass. But Gunners skipper Bellerin earned his side a much-needed point with a left-footed curler in the 87th minute. 

With Pablo Mari joining the side,  Arsenal vs Chelsea tickets is undoubtedly going to gain hype. It will be more interesting to watch strategies that Chelsea will adopt to beat Arsenal’s pro defenders.

For now, Chelsea stays at the fourth position in the table with 40 points, and Arsenal remains at 10th with 30 points. Although the next match of Chelsea is with Leicester City on 1st February and Arsenal is up against Burnley on 2nd February, it will be quite interesting to see if or when they’ll be playing together. 

However, not all of us manage to get tickets to our favourite games. That’s when the hospitality business comes into the picture to offer the much-required experience with some added benefits and fun. In Britain, sports hospitality is booming, especially in Football and league matches.  

Today, the hospitality agency in London thinks outside the box to select their event spaces. These agencies are going leaps and bounds to curate an immersive event experience and ensure that their guests feel the energy of their sporting event even when they aren’t in the arena. 

The hospitality agencies also give keepsakes that feel like more than a trophy to the members. They create customized jerseys for the guests to display support for their favourite team. The names are embroidered or printed on the back so they can wear them throughout the tournament. 

What does a typical sports hospitality event include?

Based on the sports and hospitality providers, a typical event might include the following:

  • Paid admission to the event
  • Pre-event receptions, often including champagne
  • Usage of the venue’s exclusive facilities
  • Corporate gift or memorabilia
  • Refreshments and catered meals
  • Programmes or other event documentation
  • Celebrity or athlete guest participation 

Well, with so many fun activities and complimentary giveaways, it’s worth to be a part of some sort of hospitality club or package. 

Today, hospitality is more significant than ever. As people who love sports are all ready to spend as much as they can on getting the right feel of the game. On the ground or off the ground, people like you and me desire to experience the game with all its soul. And games like Arsenal vs Chelsea, which comes with massive fan following and viewers, become imperative to watch in luxurious boxes or customized places. Hence, choosing the right package with any sports VIP hospitality service is the right way to enjoy the game.

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