5 Reasons Why Brazil Would Win World Cup 2018

Posted on June 12, 2018, 3:51 pm
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Though, they won their last World Cup in 2002. But later in three seasons, their achievements are almost zero. They did not fulfill the expectations of supporters. In 2014, the World Cup was staged at Brazil and there they were destroyed against Germany in the semi-final by 7 – 1 goals and their dream were broken. To recover the wound, the team of Samba football is completely ready. The opinion by many that Brazil is one of the most favourite team this time. Here we present below the 5 reasons why Brazil would win World Cup 2018.

5 Reasons Why Brazil Would Win World Cup 2018

5 Reasons Why Brazil Would Win World Cup 2018

If we will say Brazil and World Cup are the most similar word, that will not be so wrong. They have won highest five FIFA World Cup already and considered as the most successful team in the tournament.

#5 Brazil Powerful Squad

After 2002 World Cup, it seems that Brazil team squad is now most matured with high-quality players. They have talented players in goalkeeping position, defense sections, midfield and forward line. Besides, the most important fact is they have most talented bench team in the squad as well. There are no lackings here.

It has been told that with the bench squad, they can fight with any teams in the tournament. Some players which used to be the key players would not take part with the main eleven in Brazil team this time.

In the list there would be Ederson, Fernandinho, Roberto Firmino, Douglas Costa and some more players like them. So, those who would get chance in the first eleven will try to give their best and so, the best form would be seen on the ground.

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#4 Current Form of Players

Players used to get connected with different clubs and so, based on their performance the team is dependable. In that case, the best eleven players in Brazil are in great form. Each of them has shown their great performance with their clubs this season.

Casemiro, Marcelo won Champions League, Firmino became runners-up, Gabriel Jesus, Fernandinho, Danilo, Ederson won the Premier League with Manchester City. Coutinho and Paulinho led Barca to double titles in the season.

Besides, Neymar showed his true color with Paris Saint Germain. So, it seems that they have pretty much-talented players in the squad which is passing their best time now.

#3 Playing Style

The Brazil supporters used to complain that team Brazil has lost their previous and renowned playing style. They did not get seen with their remarkable Samba formation. But the inspiring fact is that current Brazil coach Tite has own vision about Samba. He proved his style in qualifier round.

They have played very attacking football. Argentina suffered a lot in qualifier round but Brazil faced defeat only once. They scored 41 goals in qualifier round.Tite took control of the team in the middle of the qualifier round.

After his appearance, Brazil was defeated none by playing 11 matches. Besides, in the meantime, Brazil digested only three goals. He has mixed the modernity with the Brazilian local tradition. So, he is also called as the laptop coach.

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#2 Overall Experience

Brazil remains almost same as their last World Cup considering the team squad. Only a couple of players are changed but there is not big changes. It means that the team has earned four more years experiences. In last time, they faced defeat against Germany because of their lack of experience.

This time they have no lackings. They have experience, young and good understanding among the players. This team is more matured and well determined. They have proven in club football as well. They played good in qualifier round as well.

Besides, Tite revealed team squad very earlier which consisted of 23 players. They have very clear target no doubt.

#1 And Neymar

In the team where a Neymar used to play, the team is normally considered as on the better position than the opponent. But not only Neymar but if Brazil wants to win World Cup, the whole team will have to shine.

If Neymar would get proper support, he would be the tramp card of the team for sure. After Pele, Garrincha, Romario, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho the name of Neymar would be written in the history.

So, it will be the best chance for Neymar to win World Cup. So, the PSG star is very desperate to remove wound of the last season.

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