5 reasons why Argentina would win World Cup 2018

Posted on June 05, 2018, 4:22 pm
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Most of the people say that there is no way to break it. The Argentine captain himself also accepted the opinion. However, if we calculate the equation it really seems that team Argentina is not favourite this time. But all time football did not follow the equation. Sometimes the equation used to prove wrong. Could Argentina do prove the equation wrong this time? 5 reasons why Argentina would win World Cup 2018 are listed below.

5 reasons why Argentina would win World Cup 2018

5 reasons why Argentina would win World Cup 2018

Argentina won the FIFA World Cup in 1978 and 1986. IN 2014 they went to final but being runners-up. Team Argentina has no success at the International level since 32 years. After 1993, the team failed to win any international title. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 team Argentina played three finals but they returned with empty hands. Can they break the failure this time?

#1 Lionel Messi

A team which possesses Lionel Messi in the squad is certainly one step ahead than the opponent before the game generally.

Besides, considering his form, age and statistics upcoming World Cup 2018 will be the last World Cup 2018 and he will try to give his best there. If he will be in great form, then the 32 years title drought of Argentina would over.

#2 Attacking Line 

Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero, Paulo Dybala and Lionel Messi are the current squad of the team Argentina. It seems that they would fill the game with plenty of goals. But the problem is with the national team, they can not do like their club.

But to win the World Cup 2018, they should obviously give their best and true colors on the ground. It is true that they yet to do better with national team but it does not mean that they would not do any time. They have ability to destroy the opponents defense in any minutes.

#3 The absence of Favorable Badge 

When Argentina entered at the tournament with favourite badge, they failed to go further. But this time, they fought hard to move to the main event of World Cup. In the last round, by defeating Ecuador they got the World Cup ticket.

So, they are not considered as favourite which will help them. The demand of the audiences for the team would no much. The real supporters will be happy to see their team in the semi-final. So, team Messi would not play under pressure this time and so, it would help to give their best on ground.

#4 Pep Guardiola Effect 

In the year of FIFA World Cup, in the nation where Pep Guardiola used to be coached, won the title. Like in 2010 Spain won the title and in 2014 Germany won it. As stated by the calculation, England would win the title this time.

But the reality is, in which team the most of the apprentices of Guardiola did present, the team did good in World Cup. According to the calculation Lionel Messi, Otamendi, Sergio Aguero, Javier Mascherano and some more apprentices of Guardiola in the squad of Argentina. So, they would do better in the tournament.

#5 Jorge Sampaoli 

The current Argentina coach Sampaoli won the first big title with Chile as the manager of the team by defeating Argentina. In Spanish club Sevilla, he did very well as well by winning Europa League. Sampaoli has his own vision.

The vision would affect Argentina. If his vision would work properly, to stop Argentina would be hard.

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