Top 10 Best Road Cycling Helmet 2019

Posted on February 21, 2019, 4:44 pm
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Nowadays Helmet innovation is always improving more and more, In today’s world market most of the best road cycling helmet incorporates MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system), a liner that allows the head to move slightly inside the helmet in the event of a crash. Best Road Bike Helmet 2017 2018The MIPS liner can lessen a crash’s impact on the brain said by the Proponents. On the market, there are a wealth of helmet options to suit all budgets and tastes.

Most of the helmets are now designed with aerodynamics in mind, too. All of them have an effect on shape, size and overall looks. But We strongly recommend that you opt for a helmet which provides a secure and comfortable fit. Don’t think about Your Money, You can save money on your upgrades elsewhere. Don’t make any compromises to protecting your head and always ensure the helmet you purchase complies with all necessary safety standards for your geographical region.


When you’re out on the road you are going to need a quality helmet, it’s not a fact whether you’re a casual weekend cyclist or a serious everyday rider. All helmets are not designed the same and an elite helmet on your dome can be the difference between serious injury and a minor fall.

Want to Purchase the Best Cycling helmet?

You Should be considered the Listed thing

 😎Combining aerodynamic performance
 😎 lightweight comfort
 😎 potentially lifesaving protection
 😎 Fitting/Sizes
 😎 Durability


Top 10 Best Road Cycling Helmet 2019

Product Name Image Sort Features Price and  Link



10.Rapha Helmet

Rapha Helmet sportseon 2017 2018

⇒ 295g(large)

⇒ Versatile

⇒ stylish looks in a low-volume shape

⇒ Reflective webbing straps

⇒ Additional MIPS protection




Rapha :

£250 / $295 / AU$450




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9.Giro Helmet

 Giro Helmet sportseon 2017 2018

⇒ 209g(small)

⇒ Sunglasses port

⇒ Fast and well ventilated

⇒ Light and comfortable

⇒ Roc Loc Air fit adjuster





£200 / $250 / AU$299(Synthe)





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8.Scott Cadence Plus

 Scott Cadence Plus sportseon 2017 2018

⇒ 353g(large)

⇒ MIPS protection

⇒ Fast and airy aero lid

⇒ Vent bungs for winter

⇒ Three heights fit system

 Evans Cycles

£170 / $249 / AU$340




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7. Zero RH+ Z Alpha MIPS

 Zero RH+ Z Alpha MIPS sportseon 2017 2018


⇒14g (cover)

⇒Removable cover for Colling

⇒MIPS version

⇒Z Alpha looks

⇒22 size able vents

 Zero RH+

£160 / $TBC / AU$ TBC




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6.POC Helmet

 POC Helmet sportseon 2017 2018

⇒268g (for the large)

⇒Plenty of fit adjust ability

⇒Areas extra protection with Bulky Construction

⇒For providing ample cooling use single vent.

 POC Sports

Sigma Sport

£220 / $215 / AU$399(Octal Aero)




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5.Lazer Helmet

 Lazer Helmet sportseon 2017 2018

⇒220 to 230g

⇒19 vents(Helium)

⇒Rigidity Brace System and cracked EPS(Z1)


⇒29 vents(Tonic)


£187( Helium)

£50 / $75 /AU$110(Tonic)




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4. Bontrager Circuit WSD

 Bontrager Circuit WSD sportseon 2017 2018


⇒Quick Fit strap and wicking fit pads

⇒Structure Solid Headmaster II retention system

⇒Ample venting,good looking.

 Cycle Surgery


Sigma Sport

£159 / $155 / AU$199





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3.Kask Protone Helmet

 Kask Protone Helmet sportseon 2017 2018

 ⇒Formidable comfort

⇒Long life performance

⇒Great looks

⇒251g medium fitted

⇒A skull cup for large wear




£195 / $199 / AU$269




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2.Catlike Vacuum

 Catlike Vacuum sportseon 2017 2018

 ⇒294g ( medium)

⇒Clever cradle design

⇒Lots of vents

⇒Easily adjustable



Koo Bikes


Chain Reaction Cycles

£80 / $99 / AU$TBC




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1.Specialized Airnet

Specialized Airnet Helmet sportseon 2017 2018

⇒325g weigh

⇒sunglasses port

⇒Ultra-aerodynamic S-Works Evade lid

⇒A one-handed dial at the back


Evans Cycles

£100 / $150 / AU$199 —



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Best Bicycle Helmet

1.Specialized Airnet 

Specialized Airnet Helmet from US brand, Specialized, occupies the mid-market price bracket, but that is where any comparison with other helmets in the same price range end.

The Airnet Helmet in what they call their ‘Adventure’ category, which pitches it at the cyclist more concerned about performance and comfort, rather than those looking to sneak a few aero advantages over their cycling mates. This Helmet is a bit of an all-rounder – equally home when riding on the road or off and its retro cool will appeal to the urban cyclist too.

Most surprisingly to young learn that the Airnet provides excellent aerodynamics, second only in the Specialized stable to their S-Words Evade helmet. Beacuse of that much of the R&D of the Airnet took place in a wind tunnel may explain its impressive aero qualities and as this helmet is so streamlined and it produces little noise, even when flying down a descent.

if you Compaire with more expensive helmets in the Specialized range does not stop there because of the Airnet features the same ‘Mindset’ micro-dial retention system found in the Evade and Prevail helmets. This helmet provides a secure grip around the circumference of your head, without any undue pressure, plus a good vertical adjustment in the rear cradle.

This Awesome helmet has excellent Ventilation. It’s longitudinal vents direct the airflow effectively around the head and have worn this helmet in humid, 40-degree heat I can vouch for the effectiveness when it comes to alleviating the discomfort of oppressive heat.

2.Catlike Vacuum

The first valuable thing of Clever cradle design helps it find the right spot on your head. Advance features of this helmet-Fantastic cooling at slow speeds thanks to sculpted vents,2nd Advanced features -Detachable peak keeps it ‘on-message’ for MTBers.If You concerns about the single skinny cradle strap being flimsy proved unfounded and the way the helmet seems to float slightly above your head helps it naturally find a comfort sweet spot.

For more help to riders, the two ovals that contact the back of your skull are not only spring loaded but can be independently adjusted for width too. This advanced Decorated design allows maximum airflow around the back of your bonce too and ventilation is the obvious strength of this helmet as soon as you start rolling. To give more comfort a removable peak makes it suitable (or at least more fashionable) for mountain bike use.

3.Kask Protone Helmet

Kask was designed to maintain aerodynamics and airflow in any common riding position, and however you move your head, it remains consistently quiet. Protone’s skull-hugging compact profile is the result of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) design and wind tunnel testing, and it’s certainly less bulky than some. It contains the superb Ventilation thanks to eight forward-looking vents and six large exit ports and the Octo Fit retention system offers a huge adjustment range to keep everything secure and comfy.

4. Bontrager Circuit WSD

This component brand Bontrager knows a thing or two about designing good kit, having been in business since the early 80s and the Circuit WSD doesn’t let the side down. They designed few helmets specifically for women.

The most attractive part of this Bontrager a continuous pad across the forehead is suspended slightly away from the wavy EPS inside of the helmet, allowing for a little ventilation and some conformity to various head shapes. It’s removable, antimicrobial pads do their job well. After a long time sweaty riding without washing in between, the helmet never smelled bad.The solid structure of Headmaster II retention system tightens and loosens easily with a small dial. It also contains the three height settings and we have to use a screw driver to ‘encourage’ the Headmaster to move up.

5.Lazer Helmet

Belgian helmet manufacturer Lazer’s forefront of technological innovation for cyclists is the Z1, Helium, Tonic. Those brand new helmets are incredibly lightweight and provide some of the best aerodynamic performance.

Helium’s internal structure can be fitted exactly to the shape and size of your head – the adjustable band is only fitted to the helmet front and back however the norm where the front and sides are a fixed shape and size and adjustment can only be made at the back. This helmet is available in nine colourways.

Z1 using patented Advanced Rollsys System to ensure that the helmet fits perfectly on your dome. As a most versatile helmet, it is best-fitting, most comfortable helmets around the world. This helmet protects you much better than the others on this list in cold weather and hot days on the bike.

An excellent budget road helmet Tonic looks and feels like a much more expensive lid. Its internal channelling keeps air moving across the head and probably reduces the weight a little too. This awesome helmet comes in a whopping seven styles, from the more muted (white, black, black/blue and this white titanium) and hi-vis options (flash yellow and flash orange). Tonic helmet’s chin strap material is a touch heavier and more inflexible than higher-end helmets, but once it is adjusted you likely won’t notice it at all. Its generous pads are easily removable for washing and generally keep sweat from running into your eyes.

6.POC  Helmet

Swedish brand Poc’s hardly makes the Octal Aero a heavyweight, it’s a substantial helmet size-wise. Poc’s Aero bulk is attributable to the extra-thick EPS at the temples and rear of the head — your most vulnerable areas.

The meaning of lid’s aero emphasis is ventilation for reduced to a single central vent, which is helped by internal channels that begin at the brow. Simple weather conditions it’s very comfortable with a constant flow of air across the head and no obvious hot spots but it probably wouldn’t be our first choice for a summer Alpine assault.

The helmet’s fitting controlled by a minimal system with five height settings, a wide occipital (back and lower part of the skull) cradle, rotary dial and superbly adjustable straps.

7.Zero RH+ Z Alpha MIPS

This Z alpha looks RH+ helmet superbly comfortable and secure, and despite the MIPS system touching much of your scalp, manages to stay cool. It contains two central internal channels, plus the gap between the MIPS cradle and EPS shell, ensure good air movement even with the cover installed. Zero RH+ is less specific than some aero lids and all the better for it, with great ventilation and classy looks. Helmet conventional shape on the front cover is said to provide the biggest aero gains at over 40kph. Most prominent features are it hides the central four vents, but has a slot to channel some air through.

8.Scott Cadence Plus

The Scott’s aero helmet polycarbonate shell completely covers the vulnerable EPS core apart from inside the vents and its smooth, elongated shape and mostly enclosed shell look purposeful. Candence Plus Fit System has three heights and circumference adjustment is via a rotary dial. Although every clever separator keeps the straps far apart so they don’t clash with your ears. Scott Cadence Plus helps to make one of the best fitting and most secure helmets.

The price for a top-flight lid with MIPS [Multi-directional Impact Protection System] additional protective technology is good. It’s made with wide internal channels connect to five generous front vents align and another small vent above each temple and three angular exhaust ports at the rear. The most important part is MIPS cradle which is extensively perforated to maximize cooling and give importance to direct contact with the head.Any head angle or speed there’s a remarkable through-flow of air. This helmet comes with plugs (for winter rides or even faster aerodynamics) that go into the five frontal ports.

9.Giro Helmet

Giro helmet has a speedy shape, good ventilation, low weight, and sleek aesthetics. This helmet contains lots of forward-facing ports, some deep internal channels, big vents, and clean, unobstructed paths.

Synthe Helmet aerodynamic features are just as impressive. An analysis shows several tests seem to suggest that this might be the most aerodynamic helmet money can buy right now. This company claims that the helmet can beat any of the sleek, more traditionally aerodynamic helmets, while providing much better ventilation.20 years of experience Company Giro Provide Roc Loc Air fit adjuster, which allows a rider to adjust the helmet’s pressure and fore/aft lift with one hand, even while riding. This kind of setting allows the Giro Synthe to be one of the best-fitting, most comfortable helmets to ever exist. For this reason the most all-around impressive cycling helmet you can get your hands on in 2017/18

10.Rapha Helmet

The Leading Californian manufacture Rapha have slowly, but steadily expanded their range of accessories day by day. Helmets Design of Rapha clearly followed by the style of Giro synthe but they have made a few tweaks, including some aerodynamic additions on the side vents and some reflective detailing on the straps. Most prominent vent is also completely open, another slight deviation from the Synthe, which ensures efficient airflow. The main features of this helmet are Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) helps to reduce the severity of impact in the event of an accident and inner lining can move in relation to the outer shell by up to 5mm.

The True fact is that if you’re a more serious cyclist, different helmets can also make a big difference in terms of aerodynamics, well- designed helmets can shave lots of time off of your ride, compared to clunky basic helmets.


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