Who is favorite in the ICC World Cup 2019?

Posted on May 24, 2019, 9:28 am
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If India wins the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup, Brian Lara will not be so surprised. The Caribbean legend thought that in any condition, Virat Kohli’s team can fully blend in. They can adjust in any condition as well. Now, before the World Cup begins, the most obvious question has raised that who is favorite in the ICC World Cup 2019? And there are many speculations running right now. Most people used to say the name of India and England.

Who is favorite in the ICC World Cup 2019If we consider the recent performance, team India is obviously a hot favorite. But considering the last four years of performance, team England is playing very aggressively. And also as the local team, they are considered as the favorite no doubt. And when we look to the list of the Caribbean legend Brian Lara, both teams are noticed as well. But the legendary player would not be so surprised if India wins the World Cup 2019 and Kohli grabs the trophy.

West Indies was once the superpower of the cricket but their golden era finished a long time ago. They won the first two World Cup consecutively. And became the runners-up in the 3rd World Cup. However, they played the semi-final in 1996 as we speak. But the World Cup experience of Brian Lara was not so good.

He led his team West Indies in the two World Cups but the dream of winning the title remains unfinished. If India wins the upcoming World Cup, they will get the World’s best title for the 3rd time and overtake West Indies. It is not so impossible for them, it seems right now. Lara stated that it is very much possible that India wins the upcoming World Cup and there is nothing to be surprised. In any condition, the team can adjust easily.

Though the former West Indies captain Lara has taken India as the hot favorite, he did not take England so lightly. According to him, England is also a potential contender in the upcoming World Cup. At their home venue, they scored more than 340 runs in their last four ODI matches. Besides, they have whitewashed Pakistan in recent time. So, their confidence level is so high right now. And most importantly they are the host team. There is no chance to take them lightly.

Lara thought that the local team used to get a little more support than others generally. Considering the calculation, England is ahead. And one thing needs to remember that though England is the Father of the cricket, they could not win any World Cup yet. So, at their home venue, they will not let any team get it so easily.

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