The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Winner Prediction

Posted on July 05, 2019, 4:26 am
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ICC Cricket World Cup is the most prestigious cricket competition in the World and 2019 Cricket World Cup is the 12th episode of it. The tournament is hosted in England and Wales where top ten cricket playing nations have taken part. If we considering the most successful team in the tournament, any cricket fans can say the name – it is team Australia. Yes, they have won the ICC World Cup title most number of times i.e. five. Besides, they are the defending champion as well. But today we would like to talk about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 winner prediction.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Winner PredictionWhen we come to consider the winner prediction or we can also say it as the possible winner of the edition of the World Cup, we must analysis their recent point table and the big teams. Earlier, we used to consider Pakistan and Sri Lanka as the big teams but in this season or we can say that in recent time, they are too much vulnerable and generally, they don’t have much-experienced players. Now, we can call Australia, New Zealand, England and India as the big 4 teams in the tournament and look to the point table. Three of them have already confirmed their journey to the semi-final. New Zealand is not yet confirmed their semi-final spot because Pakistan still has one match left against spirited Bangladesh. Pakistan can move New Zealand down to fifth position but they need to beat Bangladesh by a whopping margin of around 300+ runs, which looks very improbable.

Australia were not favorite before the World Cup 2019 started as they had quick difficult last 2 years in ODIs. But after the tournament started, they have regained their true form. Now, they have the look of a champion and it seems, they are going to win their 6th title of the Cricket World Cup. They are the best bet for a Bookie in this betting season. The online live streaming of these matches keep bookies up to date with the bets to place and also enjoy the best cricket battle between the top 4 cricketing nations in the world. Bookies can watch live cricket with the best betting sites. The betting sites allows live steaming of the cricket match along with in-play punting which adds a little extra excitement to an already incredible match. That is right: the betting sites themselves now offer free streams of some of the best cricketing events around the world.

Australian team has 2/1 odds of winning the world cup. Whereas, India has 5/2, England has 11/4 and New Zealand has 11/1 odds of winning the world cup.

Bookies have these odds for world cup finalist:

England v Australia final match is at 13/8 odds.

India v Australia is at 3/1 odds.

India v New Zealand is a long shot at 7/1.

Australia v New Zealand is again a long shot 5/1.

Bookies can also find best free bets offers like bet £5 get £10 by The SunBet or bet £10 get £30 by William Hill. With final 3 cricket matches (2 Semifinal and Grand Finale) coming up next week, bookies are ready for last shot at bets.

Generally, when we consider the possible winner, we first look to the host nation. Before the season of the ICC World Cup 2019 started, we considered England and India as the two hot favourite teams. But, at the end of the group level, we have changed our thought. Yes, England is still a favourite but first, we have to say that India and the current champion Australia looks more favourite to win the WC.

India is also one of the two favourite teams and in the group stage, they have played a total of eight matches but faced just a defeat against the home team England. Now, they are standing at 2nd position in points table. They are just one point behind Australia.

New Zealand is also a favourite but when we talk about the big match, they do not do well in must win matches. Considering the team structure and recent performance, Australia or India, one of them has the maximum chance of winning the ongoing season of the World Cup. In that case, our favourite is India considering their batting and bowling lineup. What about yours?


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