Vitality T20 Blast Past Winners History & What Happened in Finals

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Twenty20 Cup which is organized by ECB or England and Wales Cricket Board is a professional T20 league cricket competition based on England and Wales. It is a top-rated league cricket competition and also as the biggest league competition where highest eighteen participants used to take part in every year. The tournament used to be known as different names due to different commercial sponsorship. In 2010, the tournament was known as Friend Provident t20 or Friends Life t20 and from 2014, it was known as Natwest t20 Blast. It was a quite popular name of the competition and worldwide people used to recognize the competition as Natwest t20 Blast. However, in last season, due to a new sponsor Vitality which is an insurance company, the tournament is known as Vitality Blast or Vitality T20 Blast. Now, we are talking about Vitality T20 Blast past winners or Natwest T20 Blast past winners history.

Vitality T20 Blast Past Winners History & What Happened in FinalsThe tournament Vitality T20 Blast started their journey in 2003 and the very first season of the T20 Cup executed in the same year. Since the beginning of the journey, total eighteen franchise teams used to take part in the competition and the tournament format consists of group stage and knockout. Already 16th episode of the tournament has passed very successfully and in the meantime, different teams won the titles of Vitality T20 Blast Cup. However, today we would like to talk about the Vitality T20 Blast past winners history. Let’s see the details below.

Vitality T20 Blast Past Winners

S/L. Season Teams Number Winner Runner-Up Venue
1st 2003 18 Surrey Warwickshire Bears Trent Bridge, Nottingham
2nd 2004 18 Leicestershire Foxes Surrey Edgbaston, Birmingham
3rd 2005 18 Somerset Sabres Lancashire Lightning The Oval, London
4th 2006 18 Leicestershire Foxes Notts Outlaws Trent Bridge, Nottingham
5th 2007 18 Kent Spitfires Gloucestershire Gladiators Edgbaston, Birmingham
6th 2008 18 Middlesex Crusaders Kent Spitfires Southampton
7th 2009 18 Sussex Sharks Somerset Sabres Edgbaston, Birmingham
8th 2010 18 Hampshire Royals Somerset Southampton
9th 2011 18 Leicestershire Foxes Somerset Edgbaston, Birmingham
10th 2012 18 Hampshire Royals Yorkshire Carnegie Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
11th 2013 18 Northants Steelbacks Surrey Edgbaston, Birmingham
12th 2014 18 Birmingham Bears Lancashire Lightning Edgbaston, Birmingham
13th 2015 18 Lancashire Lightning Northants Steelbacks Edgbaston, Birmingham
14th 2016 18 Northants Steelbacks Durham Jets Edgbaston, Birmingham
15th 2017 18 Notts Outlaws Birmingham Bears Edgbaston, Birmingham
16th 2018 18 Worcestershire Rapids Sussex Sharks Edgbaston, Birmingham

Surrey Vs Warwickshire Bears Final 2003Surrey Vs Warwickshire Bears (Final 2003)

The very first season of Vitality T20 Blast took place in 2003 and in the first season, Surrey Lions and Warwickshire Bears played the final. In 19th July 2003, the final match of the T20 Cup took place and the host venue was Trent Bridge, Nottingham. It was a memorable competition because it was the first English domestic final consisted of coloured clothing and white balls.

Warwickshire Bears came to bat first in the match and they failed to play complete 20 overs. In 18.1 overs they lost all wickets and scored 115 runs so far. Trevor Penney scored highest 33 runs for the team.

James Ormond took highest four wickets and destroyed Bears innings. Later, Surrey came to bat and in 10.1 overs, they chased the runs successfully. They lost only one wicket and Ali Brown scored unbeaten 55 runs so far.

Leicestershire Foxes Vs Surrey Final 2004Leicestershire Foxes Vs Surrey (Final 2004)

The 2nd season of Vitality T20 Blast took place in the following next year 2004. Once again, Surrey made it to the final and most surprisingly the final was the day/ night competition which took place on 7th August 2004. This time, the match took place at Edgbaston, Birmingham. Surrey won the toss and decided to bat first.

The franchise team played complete 20 overs and scored highest 168 runs so far. They lost six wickets in the meantime. The score was quite big to chase but it seemed that opposing team was Leicestershire and they chased the score.

The match was contesting and in 19.1 overs team, Leicestershire scored 169 runs in exchange for three wickets. Brad Hodge was their top scorer and he led the team to victory. He scored 77 runs and remained not out.


Somerset Sabres Vs Lancashire Lightning Final 2005Somerset Sabres Vs Lancashire Lightning (Final 2005)

In 30th July 2005, the 3rd episode final of the tournament Vitality T20 Blast took place and this time, Lancashire Lighting and Somerset Sabres made it to the final.

Rain delayed the starting of the match and so, the over per side was reduced to 16. Lancashire Lighting came to open the innings first. In 16 overs team, Lancashire scored 114 runs in exchange for eight wickets. Stuart Law scored highest 59 runs for the team.

But in 14.1 overs team, Somerset Sabres reached the destination. Proteas player Graeme Smith scored unbeaten 64 runs in 47 balls and earned an easy victory.

Flintoff took two wickets for Lighting but that did not change the result. Graeme Smith or Somerset got the player of the match award later. So, the 3rd title was received by Somerset Sabres.


Leicestershire Foxes Vs Notts Outlaws Final 2006Leicestershire Foxes Vs Notts Outlaws (Final 2006)

The 4th season final of Vitality T20 Blast took place between Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. It was the 2nd T20 Cup final of Leicestershire and it was hosted in 12th August 2006.

The hosting venue was Trent Bridge, Nottingham. Leicestershire won the toss and decided to bat first. In the beginning, they scored 177 runs in 20 overs. They just lost two wickets and made the score. All four players got runs in the match.

Maddy was the highest scorer for the team who scored undefeated 86 runs so far. Allenby added 64 more runs to the scoreboard. So, at the end of 20 overs team, Leicestershire scored 177 runs so far. Nottingham also played well and went to close the victory.

But finally did not make things right. In 20 overs, they scored 173 runs where Fleming scored highest 53 runs and Hussey scored 37 runs so far.

Kent Spitfires Vs Gloucestershire Gladiators Final 2007Kent Spitfires Vs Gloucestershire Gladiators (Final 2007)

Kent Spitfires and Gloucestershire Gladiators played the fifth season final of Natwest T20 Blast. It was the first time of both teams to made it to the final.

4th August 2007, the final match between them took place. Kent won the toss and decided to bowl first. So, Gloucestershire came to open the innings and also played full 20 overs. They scored 146 runs by losing eight wickets.

Marshall scored highest 65 runs and Hardinges scored undefeated 39 runs so far. In return, Kent successfully chased the score. In 19.3 overs they made the chase successful.

Their top orders did their job well and Walker scored 45 runs and Stevens scored 30 runs so far. So, Kent got their first Vitality T20 Blast title in 2007.


Middlesex Crusaders Vs Kent Spitfires Final 2008Middlesex Crusaders Vs Kent Spitfires (Final 2008)

In the following 6th season of Natwest T20 Blast, Kent made it to the final once again. But he opponent franchise team was changed. This time Middlesex was the other finalist.

The final of the 6th season took place on 26th July 2008 at Southampton. Middlesex won the toss and let Kent bowl first. So, toss winning team came to bat and scored 187 runs so far by losing six wickets.

They played full overs and Joyce scored 23 runs, Henderson scored 43 runs and Shah scored highest 75 runs so far. Later, Kent came to chase the score and started the innings with a good partnership.

Denly scored 31 runs and Key scored 52 runs so far. Besides, Kemp scored 49 runs and Stevens added 33 runs for the team. They tried hard but failed to chase the score. Scoring 184 runs team Kent finished their innings and Middlesex won the final.

Sussex Sharks Vs Somerset Sabres Final 2009Sussex Sharks Vs Somerset Sabres (Final 2009)

The final of NatWest T20 Blast 2009 was exected between Sussex Sharks Vs Somerset Sabres and the match took place on 15th August 2009 at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

It was the 7th season of the top league competition in England and in the final, Sussex faced Somerset. Somerset played final earlier once in 2008 and so, they were quite experienced. In the match, Sussex came to bat first and scored 172 runs in 20 overs.

They lost seven wickets totally and made the score. Smith scored highest 59 runs for them. Later, Somerset came to chase the score but faced batting collapsed. Scoring 109 runs, they lost all wickets.

Trescothick scored highest 33 runs so far. So, Sussex got their first title and won by 63 runs so far.


Hampshire Royals Vs Somerset Final 2010Hampshire Royals Vs Somerset (Final 2010)

Somerset made it to the final for the 3rd time in 2010 Vitality T20 Blast. Like last season, they ended up with runners-up. Their final opponent was Hampshire Royals and the final match took place at Southampton on 14th August 2010.

Somerset came to bat by winning the toss. In 20 overs team, Somerset scored 173 runs in exchange for six wickets. Craig Kieswetter scored highest 71 runs for the team, Somerset.

Later, Hampshire Royals came to chase and unfortunately their innings also ended scoring same 173 runs.

But they lost five wickets and so, considering the fewer wickets, Hampshire was announced as the winning team in the 8th season of the tournament.


Leicestershire Foxes Vs Somerset Final 2011Leicestershire Foxes Vs Somerset (Final 2011)

The competition was known as Friends Life t20 in 2011 and it was the 9th season od Natwest T20 Blast. This time Leicestershire and Somerset made it to the final.

It was the 3rd consecutive final of Somerset and also the 3rd final of Leicestershire. The final match took place on 27th August 2011 at Edgbaston, Birmingham. Somerset won the toss and decided to bowl first. So, Leicestershire came to start the innings and scored 145 runs so far.

In 20 overs they lost six wickets and their top scorer was Will Jefferson who added 35 runs. Pollard took two wickets for Somerset. Later, Somerset came to chase the finished the selected 20 overs scoring 127 runs so far.

So, Leicestershire got the title by 18 runs so far. It was the 3rd title of Leicestershire Foxes which makes them as one of the most popular and favourite teams in the tournament of all time.

Hampshire Royals Vs Yorkshire Carnegie Final 2012Hampshire Royals Vs Yorkshire Carnegie (Final 2012)

Hampshire Royals played final of the tournament in 2012 for the 2nd time and their opponent finalist was Yorkshire Carnegie. The match between them which was the 10th season of the tournament took place at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff on 25th August 2012.

In the match, Hampshire won the toss and decided to bat first. Came to bat team Hampshire scored 150 runs by losing six wickets. James Adams scored highest 43 runs for the team.

Yorkshire failed to chase the score but their innings finished scoring 140 runs so far though David Miller scored unbeaten 72 runs for them and got the player of the match award. It was the 2nd title of Hampshire Royals so far.



Northants Steelbacks Vs Surrey Final 2013Northants Steelbacks Vs Surrey (Final 2013)

Surrey played their 3rd final in Natwest T20 Blast in 2013 and they faced a team which played final for the first time. Northants Steelbacks was the team that faced Surrey in 2013 final.

The final match took place at Edgbaston, Birmingham on 17th August 2013. Surrey won the toss and decided to bowl first. So, Northamptonshire Steelbacks came to bat and scored 194 runs in exchange for 2 wickets.

The score was quite big for Surrey and while chasing, rain interrupted the match and overs were reduced to 18. But, team Surrey failed to chase the score and in 13.3 overs they lost all wickets.

Aussie player Maxwell was their top scorer and added 29 runs so far. For Northamptonshire Steelbacks, their players scored well and David Willey scored highest 60 runs and so, he was announced as the player of the match. It was the first title of Northamptonshire Steelbacks where they played the previous all seasons of Natwest T20 Blast.

Birmingham Bears Vs Lancashire Lightning Final 2014Birmingham Bears Vs Lancashire Lightning (Final 2014)

2014 NatWest t20 Blast final was executed between Birmingham Bears and Lancashire Lightning On 23rd August 2014 the final match between them took place at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Bears came to bat at the beginning and scored 181 runs losing five wickets in 20 overs. Lancashire Lighting came to chase the score and went close enough. FInally did not make it. Their innings ended scoring 177 runs.

They lost the total eight wickets. So, Birmingham Bears got the victory by 4 runs only. However, it was the 12th season of Natwest t20 Blast and in the meantime, Lancashire Lighting played final twice times but failed to win any single title so far.



Lancashire Lightning Vs Northants Steelbacks Final 2015Lancashire Lightning Vs Northants Steelbacks (Final 2015)

Finally, Lancashire Lightning got a title of Natwest t20 Blast in 2015. They played two finals of the tournament earlier but failed to take the glory but in 2015, they got it.

The final match of 2015 Natwest t20 Blast executed between Lancashire Lighting and Northamptonshire Steelbacks on 29th August 2015 at Edgbaston, Birmingham. In the match, Lighting beat Northamptonshire Steelbacks by 13 runs so far.

Lighting came to bat at the beginning. They scored 166 runs in 20 overs where they lost seven wickets so far. Later, Northamptonshire Steelbacks came to chase the score and in 20 overs team Northamptonshire Steelbacks finished their innings scoring 153 runs so far. They had wickets in hand but failed to achieve the target.



Northants Steelbacks Vs Durham Jets Final 2016Northants Steelbacks Vs Durham Jets (Final 2016)

Northamptonshire played the 3rd final of Natwest T20 Blast in 2016 and won their 2nd title of it. They faced Durham Jets in final and won by 4 wickets.

The 14th edition of Natwest T20 Blast executed in 2016 and the final match was hosted on 20th August 2016 at Edgbaston, Birmingham. In the match, Durham Jets won the toss and decided to bat first. Their opening partnership was not good but rest players did their job well.

Jennings scored 88 runs highest and so, the team scored total 153 runs by losing eight wickets so far. Sanderson took three wickets for Northamptonshire so far. Later, Northamptonshire came to bat and chased the score.

Their opening was also not as expected but finally, they successfully made the chase. In 19.1 overs they chased the score and their top scorer was Cobb who added 80 runs so far.

Notts Outlaws Vs Birmingham Bears Final 2017Notts Outlaws Vs Birmingham Bears (Final 2017)

The 15th season of Natwest T20 Blast final took place between Nottinghamshire and Warwickshire. It was the 2nd final of Nottinghamshire and this time they won the title of the competition for the first time. However, it was the 3rd final of Birmingham Bears in the tournament as well. In the match, Nottinghamshire won by 22 runs so far.

The final match took place on 2nd September 2017 at Edgbaston, Birmingham where Nottinghamshire came to bat first. The first three wickets did not add many runs but Taylor added 65 runs, Patel added 64 runs and captain Christian added 24 runs so far.

So, in 20 overs team, Nottinghamshire scored total 190 runs losing four wickets only. Later, Bears tried hard but they were failed finally. The team Bears scored total 168 runs in exchange for eight wickets and their top scorer was Hain who added 72 runs so far.


Worcestershire Rapids Vs Sussex Sharks Final 2018Worcestershire Rapids Vs Sussex Sharks (Final 2018)

The last tournament of it which was known as Vitality T20 Blast took place in 2018 and the two finalists were Worcestershire Rapids and Sussex Sharks.

Sussex Sharks played final once but the opponent team Rapids failed to reach final earlier and so, it was their first T20 Cup final so far. The match took place on 15th September 2018 at Edgbaston, Birmingham, Warwickshire. Sussex won the toss and decided to bat first.

It was a day/ night competition where Sussex scored 157 runs. They lost six wickets in 20 overs and their top scorer was Evans who scored 52 runs so far. Moeen Ali took three wickets for Rapids.

Later, Rapids came to chase the score and playing 18.3 overs they chased the score. They lost five wickets totally where Ben Cox scored highest 46 runs unbeaten so far. However, Worcestershire Rapids won their first title of Vitality T20 Blast in 2018 so far.


According to the above-listed statistics where we have presented the completed details of Vitality T20 Blast past winners history, we can see that total 16th season of the tournament has passed. Though at different times, the competition’s name was changed and it is quite popular with Natwest T20 Blast and Vitality T20 Blast so far. The upcoming episode of the tournament will take place in 2019 and it will be the 17th season. It would perhaps in the upcoming episode, the new winning team will be added here.

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