Indian National cricket team Players Salaries & Match Fee 2019

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Indian National Cricket team is one of the most successful cricket team in the world from decades to decades. The players of Indian cricket team are more aggressive & optimistic in winning any series of an international tournament and the cricket world cup. Indian cricket team players salaries are one of the highest among the cricket playing nations in the world.

Indian cricket team players salaries 2018 19

As the performances and achievements of the players are mostly better; the Indian Cricket Board pays higher salaries to the team players in a retained and per match basis.

Indian Cricket Team Players Salaries 2019

India Cricket team Match Fee

  1. T-20 Match Fee – (Rs 5 lakhs per match)
  2. ODI Match Fee – (Rs 3 lakhs per match)
  3. Test Match Fee  – (Rs 1.5 lakh)

A new category has been added as A+ category from the latest upgrade of the squad. Indian cricket board follow the four types of contracts for the Cricket Team players those are-

  1. Category-A+,
  2. Category-A,
  3. Category-B and
  4. Category-C contracts.

The retainer fee with the Test, ODI and T-20 fees are listed here-

India Cricket Team Retainer Fees

  • For A+ Category-(Rs 7 crore)
  • For A Category-(Rs 5 crore)
  • For B category-(Rs 3 crore)
  • For C Category-(Rs 1 crore)


In this first category, the players are paid more than that of the other categories. The most performing players are enlisted in this category. With the consistent performance in a couple of years, any player can be promoted in this category.

In this category, the players are paid off on the basis of following ways-

  1. Retainer Fee – (Rs 7 crore)


In this category, India enlisted players and gave rs 5 crore as the retainer salary with match fees and win bonuses. The A category players are somehow less consistent in their performance and not enough senior as well.

  1. Retainer Fee – (Rs 5 crore)


The B Category players are of inconsistent in playing for a year. Their performance level is not well enough to exist in the upper category. They are paid of Rs 3 crore with the match fee and the win bonuses.

  1. Retainer Fee – (Rs 3 crore)


In this category, It includes the players who have played well in the recent past league or emerging young talent tournaments but might not be the first choice picks in any of the international formats. The C category players are paid of 1 crore rs monthly.

  1. Monthly Retainer Fee – (Rs 1 crore)

Category-A+ paying list

Player Name Category type Monthly Salary
Virat Kohli A+ 7 crore Rs
Rohit Sharma A+ 7 crore Rs
Shikhar Dhawan A+ 7 crore Rs
Bhuveneshwar Kumar A+ 7 crore Rs
Jasprit Bumrah A+ 7 crore Rs

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Category-A paying list

Player Name Category type Monthly Salary
MS Dhoni A 5crore Rs
Ravichandran Ashwin A 3 crore Rs
Ravindra Jadeja A 5crore Rs
Murali Vijay A 5crore Rs
Cheteshwar Pujara A 5crore Rs
Ajinkiya Rahane A 5crore Rs
Wridhiman Saha A 5crore Rs

Category-B paying list

Player Name Category type Monthly Salary
KL Rahul B Rs 3 crore
Umesh Yadav B Rs 3 crore
Kuldeep Yadav B Rs 3 crore
Yuzvendra Chahal B Rs 3 crore
Hardik Pandya B Rs 3 crore
Ishant Sharma B Rs 3 crore
Dinesh Kartik B Rs 3 crore

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Category-C paying list

Player Name Category type Monthly Salary
Kedar Jadav C Rs 1 crore
Manish Pandya C Rs 1 crore
Axar Patel C Rs 1 crore
Karun Nair C Rs 1 crore
Suresh Raina C Rs 1 crore
Parthiv Patel C Rs 1 crore
Jayant Yadav C Rs 1 crore

 Extra earnings of the Indian Cricket players

Indian National cricket team player salaries, Like any other nations, players are paid extra bonus money for the winning of any ICC or Champions trophy in any series. As for example, the players get an extra bonus for achieving any international tournament trophy and bonus for winning in the hard game.

  1. Rs 700,000 for Taking 10 wicket haul in test matches.
  2. Rs 500,000 for Taking 5 wicket haul in ODI or Test Innings.
  3. Rs 700,000 for a Double century for Test or ODI.
  4. Rs 500,000 for Scoring a Test or ODI hundred.

Indian cricket team players salaries, When a bowler got five wickets in a single innings he will be paid extra bonus with his match fee amount. Like this, when a batsman scored a hundred in an innings he will be paid for an extra bonus as compared with the match fee.

  1. 300% more in match fee for Winning ICC World Cup (ODI or T20).
  2. 100% more in match fee for Winning a test series against ICC top 3 teams.
  3. 50% more in match fee for Winning a test match against ICC Top 3 ranking.


Indian cricket team players salaries are lower in comparing with their achievements. The players are also awarded for their best performance in the match. Their consistent performance has made them one of the best cricket team in the world for a long time.


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