International Cricket Tournaments Past Winners Currently In Focus

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Cricket World Cup which is also known as ICC World Cup started their journey in 1975 which is the International cricket competition founded in the same year 1975. The tournament is organized by International Cricket Council or ICC. It used to take place every four years and the last tournament was staged in 2015 and the host nations were Australia and New Zealand. Most, fortunately, this two teams played final where Australia won the tournament for 5th times. Already 11th seasons of ICC World Cup have passed and now, the time has come to the 12th season. Today we are talking about ICC World Cup past winners. Let’s see their list below.

International Cricket Tournaments Past Winners Currently In FocusICC World Cup Past Winners Past Winners

Episode Winner Runner Up Year Venue Host Nation
1st West Indies Australia 1975 Lord’s, London England
2nd West Indies England 1979 Lord’s, London England
3rd India West Indies 1983 Lord’s, London England
4th Australia England 1987 Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India India, Pakistan
5th Pakistan England 1992 MCG, Melbourne, Australia Australia, New Zealand
6th Sri Lanka Australia 1996 Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, Pakistan India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
7th Australia Pakistan 1999 Lord’s, London England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands
8th Australia India 2003 Wanderers, Johannesburg, South Africa Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe
9th Australia Sri Lanka 2007 Kensington Oval, Bridgetown West Indies
10th India Sri Lanka 2011 Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka
11th Australia New Zealand 2015 MCG, Melbourne, Australia Australia, New Zealand

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The inaugural season of ICC World Cup executed in 1975 when in the final match, Australia faced West Indies. It took place at Lord’s, London. England and Australia are the two oldest members in cricket history but not one of them got the first title of World Cup. England could not reach final by being the host nation where Australia played against West Indies there. In the match, West Indies won by 17 runs so far.

ICC World Cup Past Winners Archive Currently In Focus

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England once again hosted the 2nd season of ICC Cricket World Cup 1979 and which came just after four years. It was the 2nd episode of the tournament and total eight teams took part there. West Indies once again reached the final but instead of Australia, England played the final against West Indies in the 2nd times.

The ODI match consisted of sixty overs back then and by playing all overs, Windies team scored 286 runs in exchange for nine wickets. Team West Indies got all out scoring 194 runs in 51 overs. So, West Indies won the 2nd ICC World Cup as well. It also took place at Lord’s, London. West Indies won the championship consecutive twice times so far.

England hosted ICC World Cup consecutive three times in a row which were the first three episodes. In 1983, the 3rd season of ICC Cricket World Cup took place and in final, once again West Indies reached there but this time an Asian team named India played final.

In 54.4 overs team, India scored 183 runs and lost all wickets. The Windies team failed to chase them and lost all wickets in 52 overs and scored 140 runs so far. So, team India won their first World Cup title by 43 runs so far.

In 1987, the 4th season of World Cup took place and this time, India hosted the tournament. Australia and England played final and since 1987, the ODI consisted of 50 overs match per side. Australia scored 253 runs in 50 overs but England failed to chase them.

The Aussie team just won by 7 runs so far. Five years later at Australia, the 5th season of the tournament took place. The year was 1992. Pakistan won the title for the first time. They beat England in final by 22 runs so far.

In 1996, Pakistan hosted the tournament and the final match took place at Gaddafi Stadium. Sri Lanka won the title by 7 wickets by defeating Australia. Since 1999, Australia started to win the ICC World Cup. They won the title consecutive three times in a row. In 1999, 2003 and 2007 team Australia won the World Cup.

In 1999, they defeat Pakistan where in 2003, they beat India and in 2007, they beat Sri Lanka. In 2011, team India took the throne from Australia and this time Sri Lanka and India played final. India won by 6 wickets there.

However, in 1999 the World Cup took place at England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Netherlands. Following next season in 2003, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe hosted the tournament. In 2007, West Indies hosted that and in 2011, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka arranged the Championship so far.

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