Top 10 Best left handed batsmen in the world in cricket history

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Cricket is a game of combination. In cricket, there may have a number of right-handed players comprising with some left-handed also. It doesn’t mean that only the right-handed players are doing well in cricket but the left-handed may also be the iconic players of the game. In the history of cricket, some legendary left-handed players are known as the best left handed batsmen in the world.

Best left handed batsmen in the world

Left handed players are seemed to be right partner whenever in combined play with right-handers. The cricket lovers can find their expected results in searching the world best left-handed players ever on this list.

Top 10 best Left Handed Batsmen in the world

Here you can find a list of cricket players who played cricket in left-hand. Left-handers made the cricket wonderful by flourishing their demanded performance.

10.David Miller (South Africa)

The present era of aggressive left-handed cricket player David Miller is formally known as David Andrew Miller. He was born in the Natal province of South Africa on 10 June 1989. Miller is playing both for the South African national team in adding with some domestic cricket leagues.

David Miller Best left handed batsmen in the world

He played with Kings XI Punjab in Indian Premier League (IPL) with great commitment. He is also a right arm off break bowler with the impressive performance.

Miller is playing with the South African National Team from 2010 to present. His debut in ODI was May 22, 2010, and his T20 debut was May 20, 2010, both against West Indies. He is one of the Best left handed batsmen batting average in ODI is 39 and in T20 it is 30.

9.Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)

Shakib Al Hasan is a left-handed player with consistent performance. His performances rewarded him as the captain of most growing Bangladesh Cricket Team. Shakib was born in a district town Magura in Bangladesh on 24 March 1987.

Shakib Al Hasan Best left handed batsmen in the world

Shakib started his career as an all-rounder cricketer in the local regional tournament of Khulna, Bangladesh. His debut in ODI was on August 6 and T20 debut was November 28 both against Zimbabwe in 2006. He started in the Test match against India on 18 May 2007.

Shakib is only a regular player in IPL, Big Bash and CPL with the effective performance from Bangladesh. He is famously known for his slow left-arm orthodox bowling. His average in Test, ODI and T20 are 40, 34 and 23 respectively. His performance made him one of the Best left handed batsmen in the world.

8.Saeed Anwar(Pakistan)

The all-time best left-handed batsman of Pakistan Saeed Anwar was born in Karachi on September 6, 1968. His test debut happened on 23 November 1990 against West Indies and ODI was January 1, 1989, against the same team.

Saeed Anwar Best left handed batsmen in the world

In ODI format he scored his highest 194 that was so impressive. His test and ODI average are 45, 39 respectively. He has 11 centuries in test format and 20 centuries in ODI format.

It’s sad to know he had failed in beating with Prolong Illness when he was just at 36 years of old. But his short life performance made him one of the Best left handed batsmen in the world ever.

7.Adam Gilchrist (Australia)

The phenomenon Adam Gilchrist made 17 centuries with 26 half centuries and a dramatic unbeaten 20 innings in his international cricket period. This legendary left-handed batsman was born in New South Wells, Australia on November 14, 1971. He is popularly known as Gilly or Churchy by his nickname.

Adam Gilchirst Best left handed batsmen in the world

The former successful Australian cricket captain performed as both Wicket-Keeper and Batsman. His ODI debut was against South Africa on October 25, 1996, and Test on November 5, 1999, against Pakistan.

Adam’s batting average in Test, ODI, and T20 formats is 47, 35 and 22 respectively. In 2007 ODI World Cup; he made a drastic 149 from just 104 balls. In the newborn of cricket epoch, he had built himself as one of the best left-handed batsmen in the world.

6.Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)

The legendary Sri Lankan left-handed batsmen Sanath Jayasuriya stand among the most successful left-handed batsmen in cricket history. He was born in Matara, Sri Lanka on June 30, 1969.

Sanath Jayasuriya Best left handed batsmen in the world

Sanath played with historical performance as a national team icon for a long time. He had played with some other domestic cricket club like Colombo cricket club, Dolphins cricket club, Marylebone club etc. He also played with the IPL cricket star club Mumbai Indians.

His ODI debut was on December 26, 1989, against Australia and Test was on February 22, 1991, Against New Zealand. Sanath started his T20 journey on 28 June 2006 against England. His batting average in Test and ODI is 40 and 32 respectively.

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5.Tamim Iqbal (Bangladesh)

The heroic left-handed batsman of Bangladesh Tamim Iqbal placed himself in the list of the best left-handed batsmen in the world. He was born in Chittagong, the commercial capital of Bangladesh on March 20, 1989. He is on the title of the topmost explosive left-handed opening batsmen now.

Tamim Iqbal Best left handed batsmen in the world

In the yearly list of World Eleven team, Tamim is a regular opener with effective performance. Besides this, he played with commitment as the player of Pakistan Super League every year.

He made his debut in Test. ODI and T20 in 4th January 2008, 9th February 2007 and 1st September 2007 respectively. His average run in all three formats is 40 in the test, 34 in ODI and 23 in T20.

4.Graeme Smith (South Africa)

The all-time legendary left-handed player Graeme Smith was a South African hero in cricket. He was born in Durban in South Africa on 27 February 1944. Sir Bradman thought that Smith was the finest left-handed batsman in cricket.

Graeme Smith Best left handed batsmen in the world

He started his Test cricket journey on December 6, 1963, with aggressive beating through the bat. His first test match was with Australia.

Smith is famously recognized for his batting average of 60.97 in test cricket history. He flourished his career as long as seven years at a stretch. He had made 7 time centuries and 11 fifties from just 23 test matches. His 274 was a long-term recorded run in South African cricket.

3.Andy Flower (Zimbabwe)

The legendary Zimbabwean Best left handed batsmen Andy Flower was born in Cape Town of South Africa on 28th April 1968. He was playing with the Zimbabwean national cricket team in his career as a wicket-keeper batsman for 10 years.

Andy Flower Best left handed batsmen in the world

Flower made his debut in cricket against India on October 18, 1992, and against Sri Lanka on February 23, 1992, in ODI format. He was one of the best players of Golden Period cricket of Zimbabwe.

Andy’s batting average in Test and ODI formats is 51 and 35 respectively that enlisted him in the best left-handed batsmen in the world.

2.Chris Gayle (West Indies)

If someone thinks about the present age historic, aggressive and consistent left-handed batsman in the world; at first the name of Chris Gayle will be coming up. His massive batting power with hybrid productive runs made him as one of the Best left handed batsmen in the world.

Chris Gayle Best left handed batsmen in the world

Gayle was born in Kingston of Jamaica on September 21, 1978. His full name is Christophe Henry Gayle. He made his debut in Test cricket against Zimbabwe on March 16, 2000. His ODI and T20 debut were started on September 11, 1998, and February 16, 2006, respectively.

In all formats, Gayle is mostly known for his aggressive performance in T20 format. His batting average in ODI, Test, and T20 is 37, 42 and 41 sequentially. He seemed as the World Boss for his T20 actions.

1. Brian Lara (West Indies)

The West Indies Cricket Legend Brian Lara called as the greatest Best left handed batsmen in the history of cricket.  In a single test match innings, he had made 4 consecutive centuries by creating a world record. This legendary player was born in Santa Cruz of Trinidad and Tobago on May 2, 1969.

Brian Lara Best left handed batsmen in the world

Lara’s debut in Test cricket was on December 6, 1990, and ODI on November 9, 1990, both against Pakistan. He had played for various teams of the domestic league like Marylebone cricket club, Mumbai Champs and so on.

Brian’s average in ODI and Test formats is 40 and 52 respectively that is one of the highest averages run scores in cricket. His unbeaten 400* in Test reach him in the top list of this format.

He made a highest of 169 in One Day International that was a history for West Indies. He scored a total of 10450 runs in 299 ODI formats and 11953 runs in Test format. He placed himself in the best left-handed batsmen in the world.

Cricket is a game of gentleman and the players had made it like that are really the greatest. Of them, not only the right-handers made it possible but also the left-handers.

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