Asia Cup Past Champions & Runners Up

Posted on February 21, 2019, 5:03 pm
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Asia Cup is a professional cricket competition of men which used to stage once every two years. But a couple of times, it was staged after three years and four years as well. Asia Cup is a competition of One Day International and T20I cricket competition which started their journey in 1983 when Asian Cricket Council was founded. Since the beginning, it was about to stage every two years. The first edition of Asia cup took place in1984 at the United Arab Emirates. However, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka did boycott the tournament several times due to political strained relations among them. Till now, already 14th edition of the tournament has passed quite successfully. Today we are going to talk about Asia Cup Past Champions.

Asia Cup Past Champions & Runners Up Asia Cup historyConsidering the title-winning times, India is the most successful team in the tournament by winning the highest seven titles of it. Sri Lanka is standing on the 2nd position where they won five titles of Asia Cup.

So, let’s take a look below where we present Asia Cup Past Champions list for you.

Asia Cup Past Champions List

Season Host nation Year Winner Runner-Up Format
1st United Arab Emirates 1984 India Sri Lanka ODI
2nd Sri Lanka 1986 Sri Lanka Pakistan ODI
3rd Bangladesh 1988 India Sri Lanka ODI
4th India 1990/91 India Sri Lanka ODI
5th United Arab Emirates 1995 India Sri Lanka ODI
6th Sri Lanka 1997 Sri Lanka India ODI
7th Bangladesh 2000 Pakistan Sri Lanka ODI
8th Sri Lanka 2004 Sri Lanka India ODI
9th Pakistan 2008 Sri Lanka India ODI
10th Sri Lanka 2010 India Sri Lanka ODI
11th Bangladesh 2012 Pakistan Bangladesh ODI
12th Bangladesh 2014 Sri Lanka Pakistan ODI
13th Bangladesh 2016 India Bangladesh T20I
14th United Arab Emirates 2018 India Bangladesh ODI

The first season of Asia Cup staged in 1984 at Sharjah. There, India won the tournament. Following the next season took place in 1986 in Sri Lanka. In final, Sri Lanka beat Pakistan by five wickets. In 1988, Bangladesh hosted the tournament where India won it by six wickets so far. The 4th season of Asia Cup took place in 1990/91 at India. In final, they faced Sri Lanka and India won by 7 wickets so far.

Due to political contradiction, the next season of Asia Cup took place in 1995 at the United Arab Emirates. India and Sri Lanka played the final where India won it by 8 wickets. In 1997, once again Sri Lanka and India played final. Sri Lanka won it by 8 wickets so far. In 2000, the team won the Asia Cup for the first time.

They beat Sri Lanka by 39 runs so far. After four years, the next season of Asia Cup took place in 2004 and following next season took place in 2008. Since then it finally started to stage once every two years. Bangladesh is a respective member of Asian Cricket Council but yet to win any single title of Asia Cup. They played final in 2012, 2016 and 2018 Asia Cup but failed to win the title. In 2016, Asia Cup staged with a different formation which was T20I.

According to ICC in 2015, they announced that Asia Cup competition will be staged on a rotation basis from 2016 between ODI and T20I format.

Sri Lanka has played the highest number of Asia Cup which is 14th times where Pakistan and India played it 13th times each. The upcoming edition of the Asia Cup will take place in 2020.

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