Top 10 highest paid cricket player in 2017

Posted on April 09, 2017, 8:02 pm
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Do you know Who is the highest paid cricket player in the world right now? Do you know who is the Highest Earning Cricketers in 2017 ? obviously ans is mighty Virat Kohli.if you interest to know How much is Virat Kohli net worth? ans is (salary + Endorsement) almost $26.9m(annual).

Cricket is now one of the most popular sports in the world and it used to generate money means.The players used to earn handsome amount of money every year from this competition.There are many international cricket competition used to be staged every calendar year in the world.Now a days many cricket playing nations used to arrange a domestic T20 series and hire good and talented players from different nations.

Organizers ready to pay a large amount of money for a good player which is usually a big source of income. Like the domestic league, a good and famous player has received many offers as well as can get chance to make a number of endorsement deals in exchange for large amount.So, there are many sources that a talented player can earn.

top 5 highest paid cricket player


we talk about top ten highest paid cricket player in the current world and here we present their list below.

# Highest paid cricket player List:

Position Nation Player Salary Endorsement Annual Income
1st Ind Virat Kohli $6.9m (IPL & BCCI Contract) $20m $26.9m
2nd Ind MS Dhoni $5.7m (IPL & BCCI Contract) $14m $19.7m
3rd WI Chris Gayle $4.5m (T20 Leagues ) $3m $7.5m
4th SA AB De Villiers $4.5m (IPL & National contract) $2m $5.5m
5th Aus David Warner $3.5m (National & T20 Leagues) $2m $5.5m
6th Aus Mitchel Starc $3.5m (National & IPL agreement) $500,000 $4m
7th Ind Virender Sehwag $1.8m (IPL Contract) $2m $3.8m
8th Ind Yuvraj Singh $1.8m (IPL Contract) $2m $3.8m
9th Ind Gautam Gambhir $1.5m (IPL Contract) $1m $2.5m
10th Aus Steven Smith $2m (National & IPL deal) $500,000 $2.5m

# 1. Virat Kohli:

Virat Kohli is the current highest earning cricketer in the world nowadays where his annual income is almost $26.9 million. Highest paid cricketer who is just 28 years old and the current skipper of Indian national cricket team in all three formats. After getting captaincy, he has moved to the top position of highest earning cricketer by replacing former Indian team captain MS Dhoni. The income source of Kohli is not only from BCCI contract but also the biggest amount of his current income used to come from Indian Premier League or IPL. He is the current captain of RCB in IPL since long and used to get a large amount from them. Besides, his endorsement deals are just the other sources of income.

# 2. MS Dhoni:

MS Dhoni who is currently the 2nd highest paid cricketer in the world with his $19.7 million yearly income. After leaving the captaincy of India national cricket team, he was deducted from different endorsement deals but also he has almost many deals in his hand. He is now under contracted with RPSG in IPL 2017 but not as a captain. He is also regarded as one of the best captain ever in India team.

# 3. Chris Gayle:

Chris Gayle is once the inseparable player in Windies team but now, his performance is not in significant rate. He is the 3rd highest earning cricketer though, from WCB, he does not get huge amount but he used to take part in different kinds of domestic leagues like IPL, PLS, Big Bash, BBL, CCL and some others as a hard hitter batsman. From there, he used to earn a lot. Besides, he has also some endorsement deals in his hand. His annual income is approximately $7.5 million.

# 4. AB De Villiers:

AB De Villiers is the current ODI captain of South Africa national cricket team and with $5.5 million annual income, he is place 4th position of highest paid cricket player. Excluding national team, Villiers also used to earn from different league crickets but most significant amount is come from IPL. He used to earn $2 million from endorsement deals.

# 5. David Warner:

David Warner is the former captain of Australia national team and regarded as one of the best hard hitter batsman in the current world. His annual income is $5.5 million which placed him as one of the top ten highest earning cricketer.

# 6. Mitchel Starc:

Starc is the current fastest bowler in the world who is playing with Australia national team. Due to his destructive speed, he is wanted from different domestic league cricket and used to earn a handsome amount from there. His annual income is almost $4 million.

# 7. Virender Sehwag:

Virender Sehwag was once the playing with Indian national cricket team but now retired from national team. After being retired, his income is not endured. He is now connected with IPL and get a large amount from there. Besides, he has also included with different endorsement deals and from there, he earns $2 million.

# 8. Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj Singh is still under contracted with Indian national team though now he used to get just few chance to perform with national team. But, his major income is from IPL. Once he was the highest earning player in IPL but now, he could not act best perform regular. His yearly income is $3.8 million.

# 9. Gautam Gambhir:

Gautam Gambhir was once the opener of Indian national team but now he does not get chance to play with national team. He is also one of the highest earning cricketer because, his biggest income comes from Indian Premier League (IPL). In every season of IPL, he will get $1.5 million from the team, according to the agreement though his annual income is higher than that.

# 10. Steven Smith:

Smith is the current captain of Australia and placed 10th position of highest paid cricket player in the world with $2.5 million annual earning. Along with national team, he used to earn from different domestic leagues also.